Pork Chops

From grilled pork chops to stuffed or baked pork chops, these easy recipes and tasty pork marinades will satisfy any weeknight dinner craving.

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Juniper-Brined Double-Cut Pork Chops

Food & Wine

Before cooking the locally raised Berkshire pork they sell, butcher-shop owners Jessica and Joshua Applestone like to brine it for a few hours in a mixture of juniper berries, orange zest, and peppercorns to help season the meat and keep it juicy. Then Jessica Applestone recommends cooking it simply with a sprig of rosemary. "Salt, pepper, and flame is all you need. Why lose the beauty of the meat by adding more?" she says. The brine works well for a number of pork cuts, including rib chops, loin chops (bone-in or boneless), tenderloin, and ribs.

Total: 1 hr 10 mins

Orange Picante Pork Chops

Pace Salsa & Picante

Here's a simple and delicious dinner idea. Marinating pork chops in picante sauce, garlic and orange juice gives them fresh flavor with a little kick.

Total: 1 hr 15 mins

Cranberry Dijon Pork Chops


An oven-proof skillet makes clean-up a breeze in this simple and flavorful recipe that combines sweet cranberries and savory mustard to make an amazing sauce for sauteed pork chops.

Total: 1 hr 5 mins

Herbed Pork Chops in Mushroom Sauce


Golden brown, seasoned pork chops simmer with onion in a creamy mushroom sauce and are served over hot cooked rice.

Total: 40 mins

Tomato and Onion Pork Chops with Cannellini Beans

Prego Italian Sauce

Here's a great dish that tastes like it was made in a Tuscan country kitchen - it features tender pork chops with white beans and tomato sauce served with slices of mozzarella-garlic bread.

Total: 55 mins

How to Fry Pork Chops

If you're searching for a quick meal for hectic nights that doesn't taste like it came from a box or a drive-thru window, then you need to learn how to fry pork chops. True, frying pork chops doesn't sound quick and easy, but there are quite a few recipes that take less than an hour to prepare. Once you taste the results, you'll never be tempted to just stop for a burger on your way home again.

How to Grill Pork Chops

Next time you fire up the barbecue, why not impress your guests with how to grill pork chops? Burgers and chicken are the usual suspects, but pork is a relatively lean protein and, when cooked correctly, offers tons of flavor.

Quick, Easy & Perfect Pork Chops

Quick and easy pork chop recipes can be lifesavers on those night when cooking dinner is more of a challenge than an adventure. After all, just about everyone loves pork chops. They're low in fat, and they taste great alongside whatever summer sides you can whip up.

Wednesday Night Pork Chops

Better Homes and Gardens

This pork chop dinner, made just for two, is ideal for a busy weeknight.

Polynesian Pork Chops


Enjoy tropical flavors any time of year with this savory skillet dish featuring tender pork chops in a flavorful pineapple-soy-mushroom sauce.

Total: 35 mins

Creamy Ranch Pork Chops and Rice


Campbell's® Condensed Cream of Mushroom Soup and ranch salad dressing combine to make a perfectly seasoned sauce to serve over golden, juicy pork chops and rice.

Total: 30 mins

How to Bake Pork Chops

Most home cooks, at least those who cook for a family with some regularity, know how to bake pork chops and have a few go-to recipes they enjoy. There's room in every recipe box, though, for another easy method for how to bake pork chops. Try this one and it might just become a family favorite.

Creamy Pork Marsala with Fettuccine


If you've never tried pork chops served over pasta, you should give this tasty and simple dish a try...you'll see that the mushroom-wine sauce ties the ingredients together beautifully. Your family will love it!

Total: 45 mins

How to Make Pork Chops

According to the National Pork Board of Des Moines, Iowa, America's favorite cut of pork today is the pork chop, so you could (almost) say that knowing how to make pork chops is your civic duty! Chops can come from different areas of the pig, which is why there are varieties such as rib chops, sirloin chops and blade chops. Boneless top loin chops with a thickness of 1 1/4 inches are sometimes also known as "America's Cut" -- another testament to their popularity in the U.S.A.

Lemon-Parsley Pork Chops with Grape-Walnut Quinoa

Ladies' Home Journal

Top seasoned pork chops with a wine sauce, then serve over a fruit, nut, and grain side dish to make this elegant yet quick dinner.

Total: 35 mins

Maple Pork and Apples

Better Homes and Gardens

Apples and pork play well together in this everyday easy meal. Even with the addition of carrots this quick dinner is done in 20 minutes.

Total: 20 mins

Mushroom-Stuffed Pork Chops

Better Homes and Gardens

Tired of plain pork chops? Try this chop recipe with a ginger jelly glaze and a hearty mushroom and spinach stuffing.

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