You don't have to belong to the bacon-of-the-month club to love bacon. Whether used in salads, on top of pasta, or in quiche, you can pan fry or microwave bacon for perfect results every time.

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    Bacon for Father's Day: We've Found the Ideal Edible Gift
    ...Bacon is on our mind as a great gift for Dad this Father's Day (June 16). No, we aren't going... care of the packaging, plus included nifty "real" gifts to go along with the bacon inside three... different box-set collections. Say It With Bacon is not a joke. Give Dad a gift of The Commander, and he... read more...
    Hey, Bacon Breath! An April Fool's Joke or the Real Thing?
    ...Ha ha ha. New Scope Bacon mouthwash. They had us there for a minute. But, wait. They had everybody... mouthwash that tastes like bacon. Is it an April Fool's Day joke? Well, we don't really know. And neither...&G: The new mouthwash "tastes like bacon, while still killing 99.9% of bad breath germs," and "it keeps your... read more...
    Behold the Bacon Pig: A Big Break with Thanksgiving Tradition
    ... of bacon. But as a centerpiece worthy of a Norman Rockwell painting, we'll admit we're a little dubious... about Clint Cantwell's bacon pig. Now, you have to understand that Cantwell is a barbecue guy, a writer... him. So a few years ago, he crafted a decidedly non-traditional alternative: the bacon pig. First... read more...
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