Vegetable Pizza

A variety of crusts and sauces complement the vegetables on these appealing pizzas. Quick and easy to prepare, these vegetable pizzas are sure to become a perennial favorite with family and friends.

See Popular Vegetable Pizza Recipes

Sweet Corn Pizza

Midwest Living

Potpie Pizza

Total: 1 hr

Chilly Veggie Pizza

Better Homes and Gardens

This fresh vegetable pizza adapts to many occasions. It's appetizer, main dish, or light lunch fare. The appeal for this pizza is the variety of colorful vegetables stacked on the cream-cheese covered crust.

Everything Pizza

Diabetic Living

With several options of meat and vegetables, you can tailor this diabetic-friendly pizza to suit your tastes.

Pizza Quattro Stagioni

Better Homes and Gardens

The name quattro stagioni means "four seasons." In this version, artichokes, peppers, mushrooms, and olives each represent a different season. Divide the quadrants with dough strips rolled into thin ropes.

Garden Vegetable Pizza

Prego Italian Sauce

Homemade pizza is easy with pre-made dough and a great sauce to stir into your own vegetables.

Total: 8 hrs 45 mins

Garden Vegetable Pizzas

Prego Italian Sauce

Pizza night gets deliciously different when individual-sized pizza crusts, made from puff pastry shells, are topped with tomato sauce, colorful vegetables and mozzarella cheese. It's a tasty way to eat more veggies.

Total: 1 hr 35 mins

Savoy-Cabbage-and-Sunchoke Pizzas

Food & Wine

This incredible pizza is topped with buttery braised cabbage, pureed sunchokes, crisp pan-fried sunchokes, and gooey Emmental cheese.

Total: 1 hr 30 mins

Gluten Free Pizza on Zucchini-Sage Crust

Better Homes and Gardens

Cornmeal, shredded zucchini, egg and cheese recreate the taste and texture of classic pizza crust in this gluten-free recipe.

Green Tomato Pizza

Better Homes and Gardens

Frozen bread dough simplifies this pizza recipe. Call on it when there's an abundance of garden tomatoes.

Mexican Black Bean Pizza

Midwest Living
Total: 30 mins

Fresh Tomato Pizza with Pesto

Better Homes and Gardens

For best results, make this recipe when juicy summer tomatoes are at their peak.

Fresh Tomato Pizzas


Here's a basic pizza for picky eaters. It's topped with cheese, tomato, and just a little seasoning.

Sweet Pepper Pizzas


Start with an easy roasted red pepper sauce, spread on the crust, then top with broccoli and goat cheese for a red and green pizza that's healthy and delicious.

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