Dough. Tomato sauce. Mozzarella cheese. It all sounds so simple, and yet a great pizza recipe is one of the most craveable dishes on the planet. Polarizing too: Canadian bacon with pineapple might get the green light in your household, while the family down the block never wavers from sausage and mushroom with extra onion. That's the genius of pizza - it's basically a vehicle for the flavors you like best. You can even eat pizza in the morning if you're game -- fruit pizza, anyone? When you're making your own pizza, keep a few things in mind. 1. You want your oven extremely hot to achieve a crisp crust (a pizza stone is a worthwhile investment). 2. Take the time to make your own sauce. Jarred sauces taste, well, jarred, and making a fresh sauce only takes a few minutes. 3. Don't overload your pie with toppings - too much on top and you won't get even cooking. Nothing is more depressing than a soggy pizza. Once you've nailed down the basics, you're ready to cook. Break out the pepperoni and enjoy.

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    Make Friday Night Pizza Night!
    ... part of meal planning is? Friday night is always pizza night! Growing up, every Friday we'd order pizza... and made someone else run in!) We typically had mushrooms or broccoli on our pizza, or we'd get a thick...-crusted Sicilian-style pie. Pizza on Fridays is so ingrained in me that it only felt natural to instate the same... read more...
    Homemade Pizza Every Which Way
    ...Pizza may be Italian in origin, but it's popular the world over. While you can get the basic pizza... like a Classic Margherita Pizza or Pepperoni Pizza at any pizzeria, there are plenty of variations... that go way beyond the everyday. Food bloggers and home cooks are crafting homemade pizza not just... read more...
    Peaches for Summer Cobblers, Pizza and More
    ... why not peaches? Ricotta Pizza Erin also uses balsamic vinegar in her version of a simple summer pizza... read more...
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