Vegetable Lasagna

These appealing vegetable lasagna recipes offer distinct flavors like roasted red peppers, broccoli, carrots, mushrooms, garlic cloves, red wine, and goat cheese. A great way to eat your vegetables, choose one of these heavenly vegetable lasagna recipe for tonight's dinner.

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Lasagna Primavera

Prego Italian Sauce

Using oven-ready lasagna noodles makes this recipe simple to prepare...and layering vegetables into the lasagna is a brilliant way to add flavor and lighten up this delicious dish.

Total: 1 hr 35 mins

Garden Vegetable Lasagna

Prego Italian Sauce

Easy-to-assemble layers of cooked noodles, vegetables and creamy cheeses mingle with a rich, chunk-style pasta sauce make dinner extra special tonight or any night.

Total: 1 hr 5 mins

Easy Party Lasagna

Prego Italian Sauce

Cheeses, Italian sauce and noodles are layered and baked until hot and bubbling.

Total: 1 hr 45 mins

Scotto Cheese Lasagna

Prego Italian Sauce

This delectable lasagna makes great use of convenience products so that you've can put the dish together in just 15 minutes! While it bakes you can throw together a salad, and you've got a fabulous dinner for very little work.

Total: 2 hrs 25 mins

Extra-Easy Spinach Lasagna

Prego Italian Sauce

No need to cook the lasagna noodles...just layer them right in the pan with the cheeses, spinach and tomato-mushroom sauce.

Total: 1 hr 20 mins

Lasagna Primavera

Family Circle

Take the struggle out of lasagna creation by making the Italian dinner in your slow cooker! This vegetarian recipe calls for store-bought Alfredo mix to speed up the prep process even more.

Broccoli Cheese Lasagna


This easy to make, mouthwatering lasagna is chock full of vegetables like broccoli, bell pepper and carrots, and features a creamy broccoli cheese sauce that's easy to make and very tasty.

Total: 1 hr

Zucchini Lasagna with Walnuts

Better Homes and Gardens

Layer ribbons of zucchini with the traditional noodles, sauce, and cheese for a meatless version of the classic Italian casserole.

Vegetable Lasagna

Better Homes and Gardens

This delicious white lasagna is packed with vegetables, keeping it healthy and making it a hearty vegetarian meal. Using no-boil pasta noodles helps cut down on preparation time.

Roasted Vegetable Lasagna

Ladies' Home Journal

Using no-boil lasagna noodles cuts the prep time for this vegetarian casserole.

Total: 3 hrs 15 mins

Rolled Lasagne


Miracle Lasagna

Prego Italian Sauce

Traditional, full-flavored lasagna is layered together in just minutes with pasta sauce, noodles, and three cheeses.

Total: 1 hr 15 mins

Broccoli Lasagna

Better Homes and Gardens

Broccoli and roasted red peppers bring updated flavors to this vegetarian casserole recipe.

Weeknight Lasagna

Better Homes and Gardens

Vegetables become power players in this easy take on lasagna. Zucchini and portobello mushrooms combine nicely with ground beef, garlic, ricotta, and mozzarella.

Swiss Chard and Mushroom Lasagna

Family Circle

Mushrooms act as the "meat" in this flavorful vegetarian lasagna recipe.

Black Bean Lasagna

Better Homes and Gardens

Cheesy and rich-tasting, this vegetarian casserole recipe will please calorie watchers. To spice it up even more, use chunky chili-tomato sauce. Make-ahead and freezer friendly, it's the ideal dish to have ready to serve with little notice.

Three-Cheese Lasagna

Better Homes and Gardens

The ricotta cheese in this popular main dish recipe will have a slightly grainy texture when cooked into the lasagna.

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