Vegetable Lasagna

These appealing vegetable lasagna recipes offer distinct flavors like roasted red peppers, broccoli, carrots, mushrooms, garlic cloves, red wine, and goat cheese. A great way to eat your vegetables, choose one of these heavenly vegetable lasagna recipe for tonight's dinner.

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    Vegetable Lasagna Articles
    Butternut Squash Lasagna: A Healthy Twist on a Family Favorite
    ...: lasagna. This butternut squash lasagna recipe caught my eye; its dual wholesomeness and decadence an ideal...'s ability to store beautifully for months after harvest and rosemary's hardiness. This lasagna is proof... that flavor magnificently survives the cold weather. Instead of using dried lasagna noodles, I made them fresh... read more...
    Great Winter Sides with Root Vegetables: Easy Does It
    ... Vegetables like parsnips, turnips, beets, rutabagas, and carrots? Hearty root vegetables add sweetness... attractions. Try the Herbed Root Vegetable Cobbler that's shown above, a savory One Dish Wonder with fluffy... biscuits on top of a melange of roasted vegetables, or a showstopping Braised Celery Root with Chickpeas... read more...
    Great Green Vegetables: Bitter, Healthy & Utterly Delicious
    ... at left). Green vegetables, as we all know, are a key part of any diet. And bitter greens are among... loaded wtih iron. So when you go for green vegetables, go bitter, with great bitter greens. Here are some... with a creamy dip -- perfect for company. Learn all about healthy vegetable recipes with kale: fresh talk!... read more...
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