Spinach Lasagna

Spinach adds a colorful, healthy touch to these yummy lasagna recipes. Whether you're looking for a classic tomato, Swiss cheese, or white sauce, these spinach lasagna recipes include baked and skillet dinners you won't want to miss.

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Chicken Alfredo Spinach Lasagna

In the spirit of #JustOneThingJan, this already wholesome spinach lasagna gets an extra boost of protein from poached chicken.

Extra-Easy Spinach Lasagna

Prego Italian Sauce

No need to cook the lasagna noodles...just layer them right in the pan with the cheeses, spinach and tomato-mushroom sauce.

Total: 1 hr 20 mins

Rolled Lasagna Florentine

Better Homes and Gardens

Lasagna is the perfect freezer meal. Make this rolled version with spinach on a rainy day to have on hand the next day your schedule is too busy to make dinner.

Spicy Turkey Lasagna

Family Circle

Come home to ready-to-eat lasagna with a slow cooker recipe that has yummy layers of noodles, spicy turkey, pasta sauce, and spinach-ricotta filling.

Spicy Turkey Lasagna

Better Homes and Gardens

A slow cooker can do all the heavy lifting when it comes to lasagna! Simply brown your meat, layer it with no-boil noodles, sauce and cheese and flip on the heat.

Individual Lasagna

Family Circle

This low-fat vegetarian lasagna recipe is baked in individual portions in jumbo muffin cups. You can use tofu or light ricotta in the filling. When mixed with spinach, pine nuts, and basil, it's hard to tell the difference.

Spinach Alfredo Lasagna

Better Homes and Gardens

Fans of white pizza will fall for this marinara-free vegetarian lasagna that's filled with rich and creamy ricotta, Alfredo and mozzarella.

Slow Cooker Basil Mozzarella and Ricotta Lasagna


This slow cooker lasagna recipe is packed with so much ooey-gooey cheese, you won't even realize it's missing the meat!

Sausage-Potato Lasagna

Better Homes and Gardens

This casserole is layered with ricotta cheese and sausage, just like lasagna, but sliced potatoes replace the noodles, and a nutmeg-scented white sauce stands in for the traditional red sauce.

Florentine Lasagna

Better Homes and Gardens

This Italian specialty recipe features a delicious blend of Italian sausage, spinach, mozzarella, and ricotta cheeses.

Spinach And Cheese Roll-Ups

Better Homes and Gardens

This low fat meatless version of the classic lasagna is showy enough to serve when entertaining.

No-Boil Vegetable Lasagna

Diabetic Living

Three Vegetable Lasagna

Better Homes and Gardens

Spinach, broccoli and carrots fill this four-cheesy lasagna recipe. This hearty one-dish recipe can be assembled and refrigerated up to two days before serving.

Florentine Lasagna

Midwest Living

Frozen spinach adds nutrition to this Italian-American comfort-food staple. To cut down on calories and fat, use turkey sausage.

Breakfast Lasagna Rolls

Diabetic Living

Lasagna for breakfast? Absolutely, when it's filled with eggs, vegetables, cheese and ham.

Spinach Lasagna Rolls

Philadelphia Cream Cheese
Total: 55 mins

Sausage, Mushroom & Spinach Lasagna


This cheesy lasagna is full of spicy Italian turkey sausage, whole-wheat noodles, mushrooms and spinach. A serving of this version has about one-third the fat and saturated fat, and only half the calories of the original. Use soy-based sausage for a hearty vegetarian variation.

Total: 2 hrs
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