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Italian Lasagna

If you like Italian cuisine, try the spicy layers of these mouthwatering lasagna recipes. Whether you prefer Florentine, spicy brunch, or a lighter lasagna, these recipes include wide tender noodles filled with delicious fresh Italian ingredients that are baked to perfection.

Classic Lasagna

Better Homes and Gardens

Need a lasagna recipe? Here's a classic. And if you need to save time, follow the quick version.

Lasagna Primavera

Family Circle

Take the struggle out of lasagna creation by making the Italian dinner in your slow cooker! This vegetarian recipe calls for store-bought Alfredo mix to speed up the prep process even more.

Layers of Lasagna

Diabetic Living

Layers of ground beef, tomatoes, pasta, and creamy ricotta cheese make up this popular casserole that's as good to serve at home as it is to tote to a potluck. This one is low in fat!

Vegetable Lasagna

Better Homes and Gardens

This delicious white lasagna is packed with vegetables, keeping it healthy and making it a hearty vegetarian meal. Using no-boil pasta noodles helps cut down on preparation time.

Rolled Lasagna Florentine

Better Homes and Gardens

Lasagna is the perfect freezer meal. Make this rolled version with spinach on a rainy day to have on hand the next day your schedule is too busy to make dinner.

Roasted Red Pepper Lasagna

Better Homes and Gardens

Tangy goat cheese and a splash of red wine turn a simple lasagna into something special.

Chicken & Pesto Lasagna

Family Circle

Three-Cheese Lasagna

Better Homes and Gardens

The ricotta cheese in this popular main dish recipe will have a slightly grainy texture when cooked into the lasagna.


Better Homes and Gardens

Whether you use sausage or beef, this meaty lasagna is sure to satisfy. Use cottage cheese instead of ricotta to make it a little more healthy.

Weeknight Lasagna

Better Homes and Gardens

Vegetables become power players in this easy take on lasagna. Zucchini and portobello mushrooms combine nicely with ground beef, garlic, ricotta, and mozzarella.

Hearty Lasagna

Family Circle

This five-ingredient lasagna has all the flavor of lasagna recipes with long ingredient lists. The seasonings are provided in the sausage blend and the flavored pasta sauce.

Lobster Lasagna

Better Homes and Gardens

Lobster, brie cheese, and asparagus make this sophisticated lasagna recipe a sure star at the potluck or party.

Spicy Brunch Lasagna

Better Homes and Gardens

This make-ahead egg casserole features lasagna noodles, Alfredo sauce and hash brown potatoes, making it great for brunch or a simple dinner.

Vegetarian Lasagna

Better Homes and Gardens

Think casseroles only come in shades of beige? Try again! This vegetarian lasagna is loaded with colorful vegetables like tomatoes and Swiss chard.

Turkey Lasagna Rolls

Better Homes and Gardens

For this robust lasagna-style casserole, roll the noodles around a cheesy spinach filling and then top with a turkey and tomato sauce.

Lickety-Split Lasagna

Better Homes and Gardens

Older children can pitch in to help put this easy casserole together for a family-style dinner.

sausage & pepper lasagna

Family Circle

A sausage and green pepper tomato sauce hints to the Italian roots of this casserole recipe that has been adapted into American cuisine. This version is cheesy, saucy, and oh so good.

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