Bolognese Sauce

These chunky homemade Bolognese sauces are filled with meats and vegetables to make a hearty addition to pasta. Flavored with wine and an array of spices, these homemade Bolognese sauces can easily satisfy a hungry family or guests at your next dinner party.

See Popular Bolognese Sauce Recipes

30-Minute Bolognese

Family Circle

Pasta with Bolognese Sauce

Better Homes and Gardens

Bolognese sauce is a hearty Italian meat and vegetable sauce flavored with red wine and cream.

Bolognese Meat Sauce with Pasta

Better Homes and Gardens

Traditionally, Bolognese (boh-luh-NEEZ) sauce is full of meat. In this more healthful version, a portion of the meat is replaced with lentils, cutting fat and calories.

Pork and Porcini Bolognese

Better Homes and Gardens

One secret to a delicious Bolognese sauce is to add dried porcini mushrooms. A tiny amount of these dried mushrooms adds unbelievable richness to this main dish.

Basic Beef Bolognese

Better Homes and Gardens

Ground turkey can be used as a substitute for the meat in this tomato-based sauce recipe. Or try a vegetarian version with mushrooms.

Spaghetti with Best-Ever Bolognese Sauce

Better Homes and Gardens

Get a budget-friendly start on the meat-lovers' sauce by using ground chuck. It cooks in less than 30 minutes but tastes like it simmered all day.

Bolognese Sauce

Better Homes and Gardens

You can serve half of this 8-serving meat sauce now and freeze the other half for another meal.

shut up and eat it

Family Circle

Chicken, Italian sausage, and shrimp combine to make this hearty pasta sauce.

Beef Ragu Chiantigiana

Fine Cooking Magazine

Ragu is best served with a noodle it can cling to, like these wide, ridged ribbons. This recipe is easily halved, but even if you're cooking for fewer people, you might as well make a whole batch and freeze the leftover sauce.

Beef Ragu with Garbanzo Beans

Better Homes and Gardens

Bean Bolognese


Fiber-rich beans stand in for the beef and pork in this surprisingly rich-tasting vegetarian take on pasta Bolognese. Without the meat, the dish has only a third of the fat and 80 percent less saturated fat. To make the perfect meal, serve with a peppery arugula salad and warm, crusty Italian bread.

Total: 40 mins

Spaghetti a la PHILLY

Philadelphia Cream Cheese

If spaghetti has already earned a place in your dinnertime routine, mix it up with this twist on the classic meat sauce. Just like the tried-and-true, only creamier.

Marvelous Mushrooms for Soups, Appetizers and Main Dishes

Deliciously earthy mushrooms are a versatile ingredient that are tasty in everything from omelets to soups and salads.

10 Magnifico Italian Beef Recipes

It's hard to resist the siren song of beef--its deep, earthy flavor is uniquely satisfying, and its boldness is utilized in cuisines across the globe, from Chinese stir-fries to Hungarian goulash. But Italian flavors pair particularly well with beef, as evidenced by the wide variety of recipes we've collected below. How many are included in your family's weekly menus?

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