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Wedding Cake

You don't have to be a professional chef to bake a beautiful wedding cake for the occasion. With our recipes and a little practice, you can create beautiful, multi-tiered cakes perfect for the occasion, from a wedding to even a special anniversary celebration.

Candy Bar Doughnut Pop

Better Homes and Gardens
Total: 15 mins

Wine Country Cake with Roasted Grapes

Better Homes and Gardens

Use a fruity white wine to make this easy dessert. It needs no frosting--just a little sugar on top.

Champagne Wedding Cupcakes

Better Homes and Gardens

Champagne Cake, a Midwestern specialty that appears at many special celebrations, is deliciously light-tasting, but possesses a delightfully fine and firm crumb. There's no need to break the bank buying expensive champagne - a 7 or 8 dollar bottle of sparking wine is perfect for these cupcakes.

Wedding Cake Nests

Better Homes and Gardens

To serve 50 guests, make one 10-inch cake and forty-eight 4-inch cakes. You'll have to make the cake and icing recipes five times and the frosting recipe twice.

Rosebud Cake

Family Circle

This rose and vine covered cake is almost too pretty to eat. The three-layer yellow cake has a velvety crumb and buttery taste.

Orange-Champagne Cakes

Better Homes and Gardens

Wow your Christmas guests by serving humble cornmeal cakes that are dressed-up with ground almonds, orange peel, and a lavish champagne-syrup.

Pioneer Wedding Stack Cake

Midwest Living

This wonderfully moist and generously spiced six-layer cake is a showy spin on humble applesauce cake.

Ginger Carrot Cake

Better Homes and Gardens

The light and fluffy frosting for this luscious layer cake recipe is a mixture of cream cheese and whipping cream.

Corn Bread Cassata

Better Homes and Gardens

This is a version of a traditional Italian cassata (kah-SAH-tah), an Italian-style layered cake typically served at weddings and other celebrations.

Six-Layer Strawberry Cake

Better Homes and Gardens
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