March Madness Chow: Chicken Wings

Basketball fans, it's down to the March Madness Sweet 16! And whether you're a Syracuse Orange fan (like one of our editors) or a Louisville Cardinals lover, you need sustenance to get through the games (all eight of 'em). In our world that means plates piled high with chicken wings, meaty, spicy bites that satisfy and add a little heat to the madness.

March Madness Snacks Get Healthy: Fresh Talk

The constant sounds of swishing hoops and blowing whistles coming from my TV can only mean one thing--March Madness is here! This year I'm skipping the greasy wings and slices of pizza while tracking my bracket, and opting for these healthy and satisfying game-day recipes instead. Stuffed Cherry TomatoesThe phrase big things come in small packages best describes flavor-packed Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes (shown here), which are perfect to pop while waiting for tip-off.

March Madness Chow: Chili Your Way

Sweet 16 to Elite 8 to Final 4... March Madness is basketball bliss, week after week. Chili is always right for game day, game night, game afternoon....

Slammin' Dunks! 8 Party Dips for March Madness

There's no sporting event quite like March Madness -- the steady march to victory through a succession of ranked opponents. When school pride is in full force, get-togethers to cheer on your team are almost mandatory. Dips are the perfect way to feed a roomful of hungry fans.

How To Coupon: March Sale Forecast

It's the first Friday of the month, so it's time for your March sale forecast! Every month, some items in the sale cycle are specific to holidays and events, and this month is no exception. NCAA Basketball's March Madness is coming up, so expect to see sales and coupons on all sorts of foods suitable for game-viewing parties--chicken wings, cheese, and sandwich fixings.

10 Great Avocado Recipes -- You Bet, Super Bowl Guacamole!

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