Middle Eastern Cuisine

Middle Eastern recipes draw together subtle, flavorful influences from this large and diverse region. Expect olives and olive oil, pitas, honey, sesame seeds, sumac, chickpeas, mint, and parsley in exotic yet accessible Middle Eastern cuisine.

Hummus Crusted Chicken

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Middle Eastern Lamb and Rice

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If you like gyros, then you'll love this well-balanced lamb and rice dinner. The yogurt sauce pairs perfectly with the spiced-up rice.

Tabouleh Salad

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Weeknight Falafel

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Pan sear chickpea patties for crispy falafel at home. Stuff inside a pita or serve on top of a fresh green salad.

Lebanese Chicken

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Ready in about 25 minutes. Orange and honey blends with the spices to create excellent flavor in this easy chicken recipe.

Middle Eastern Bulgur-Spinach Salad

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Bulgur or cracked wheat is a Middle Eastern staple. This vegetarian melange of grain, fruits, and vegetables is satisfying and boasts a preparation that's simplicity itself.

Total: 30 mins

Middle Eastern Salad Plate

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This dish, popular from Athens to Zanzibar, is fast, easy to make, high in fiber, and can serve as a side dish or appetizer.

Total: 35 mins

Lebanese Lamb Kabobs

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For these dinner kabobs, a savory ground lamb mixture is shaped into logs, skewered, and grilled, then served with a refreshing cucumber sauce.

Tandoori Chicken

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Tandoors are clay ovens used to roast chicken, meat, or vegetables. The "tandoori" food is typically marinated before cooking for added flavor and moisture.


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During Hanukkah in some Israeli communities, vendors sell these filled buns, known as sufganyot, by the basketful.

Peanut Baklava

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Embrace Middle Eastern culture with this surprisingly simple baklava recipe. Flaky phyllo dough is layered with chopped peanuts, honey, and butter.

Baklava Tassies

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Harness the decadent flavors of baklava, a classic Middle-Eastern dessert, in a tiny, bite-size tart.

Chocolate-Orange Hazelnut Baklava

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Hazelnuts and cocoa powder are layered between phyllo dough and sweetened with and orange syrup in this twist on classic baklava.

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