Mexican Soups

Warm with a little spice, Mexican soups can kick off a big meal or make a perfect lunch dish. Serve Mexican soups with homemade corn bread, tortillas, or chips.

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Mexican Chicken Pozole Verde

Food & Wine

There are many variations on pozole, a traditional hominy-based Mexican stew closely associated with the Pacific-coast state of Guerrero. Anya von Bremzen's version, a green pozole, derives much of its flavor from tangy ingredients like tomatillos, cilantro, and green chiles.

Total: 1 hr 15 mins

Simple Pork Posole

Food & Wine

Mexican posole is typically a thick, hearty soup made with hominy (chewy dried corn kernels with the hull and germ removed). For his version, Ethan Stowell slow-simmers chunks of pork butt in water with onion and garlic to create a dish that's appealingly brothy. He likes to make it with chicharrones (fried pork rinds) and pig's feet, hard-to-find ingredients that are omitted in the recipe here. The array of fun, potently flavorful condiments -- jalapeno, onion, cilantro, and lime wedges -- is key to the dish.

Total: 2 hrs 30 mins

Pork Pozole

Swanson Broth & Stock

Pork, chipotle pepper and hominy provide authenticity to this slowly simmered, traditional Mexican soup. Although pozole is typically served on special occasions, this recipe is simple enough for everyday.

Total: 1 hr 5 mins

Tortilla Soup

Swanson Broth & Stock

It takes less than one hour to make this vibrant soup that gets its flavor from Southwest favorites like chipotle pepper, cilantro, avocado and lime juice.

Total: 50 mins

Roughneck Chili

Better Homes and Gardens

Still looking for the perfect basic chili recipe to call your own, one that skimps on the bells and whistles, but delivers all the classic flavor your family craves? Look no further, because we've got you covered! Prefer beans in your chili? Simply add one 15 oz. can, and reduce ground beef to 2 pounds.

Sausage and Bean Tortilla Soup

Family Circle

For an even spicier twist on tortilla soup, stir in jalapeno chicken sausage slices.

Santa Fe Chicken Tortilla Soup

Swanson Premium Chicken

Using canned chicken, prepared salsa and flavorful chicken broth allows you to make this satisfying soup in just 20 minutes. Try's zesty and delicious.

Total: 20 mins

Pork and Chile Stew

Food & Wine

The 1980s ushered in the era of the celebrity chef. Some big names, like John Sedlar, disappeared but are back now (his Rivera in Los Angeles opens soon); others never left, like Robert del Grande, who is reinventing Houston's Cafe Annie as Bar Annie with dishes like this Southwestern pork rib stew.

Total: 2 hrs 15 mins

Beef and Bean Chili

Better Homes and Gardens

With rich ground beef, peppery cilantro, and spicy jalapenos, this incredible chili has all the basics covered. But what is that flavor singing in the background? Your guests will be surprised -- and delighted -- to learn that the secret ingredient is chocolate. When buying jalapeno chiles for this dish, choose those with vibrant, blemish-free skins. And remember: the smaller the pepper, the hotter the pepper.

Zesty Black Bean Soup

The Food Channel

Latin American-inspired soup features a rich broth, black beans seasoned with cumin, and a Caribbean "sofrito" of chopped bell peppers, onions and garlic sauteed in olive oil.

Yucatan Pork Stew with Ancho Chiles and Lime Juice

Food & Wine

Butcher-chef Tia Harrison finds making stew a versatile way to use cuts like pork shoulder, shanks, and belly. Here she cooks the stew with pleasantly bitter ancho chiles.

Total: 3 hrs 40 mins

Hominy and Chorizo Chili

Better Homes and Gardens

Packed with chili peppers and warm spices, Mexican chorizo is the perfect substitute for beef in this unique chili. Thicker than you'd like? Simply add more chicken broth as needed to reach desired consistency.

Texas Red Chili

Better Homes and Gardens

A medley of chile peppers give this unique chili plenty of kick while the addition of thick-cut bacon lends an irresistible smoky flavor. Serve with a fresh green salad for a satisfying meal in less than an hour.

Pueblo Green Chile Stew

National Pork Board
Total: 1 hr 25 mins

Mexican Chorizo Noodle Bowl

Better Homes and Gardens

Chorizo is a fresh sausage that can be mild or spicy-hot. It can be found in Mexican markets or major grocery stores. This toss-together dinner in a bowl is packed with lively flavor.

Total: 40 mins
Total: 4 hrs 10 mins

Mexican Beef Soup

Ladies' Home Journal

Poblano peppers, tomatillos, and cumin add South of the Border flavor to this beef soup. Top with Mexican cheese and serve with tortilla chips for dinner.

Total: 2 mins
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