Mexican Desserts

Mexican desserts celebrate chocolate, a prized regional specialty, as well as cream, as in the famous tres leches cake and custardy flan. Other great Mexican desserts play sweetly on mains like tortillas.

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Vanilla Flan with Butterscotch Sauce

Better Homes and Gardens

Vanilla Bean Flan

The Food Channel

This classic vanilla bean flan has a rich, satiny texture and when inverted is dripping with deep amber colored caramel syrup.

Chocolate Coconut Empanada

Ghirardelli Chocolate
Total: 2 hrs 38 mins

Cinnamon Custard

Atkins - Phase 2

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Total: 50 mins


Taste of the South
Total: 1 hr 8 mins

Atole de Fresa (Strawberry Dessert Soup)

Better Homes and Gardens

Espresso Flans

Midwest Living

Use a vanilla bean instead of extract to make the custard extra flavorful in this coffee-spiked dessert.


Ladies' Home Journal

This classic baked custard with caramel topping is luxuriously rich. A stick of Mexican cinnamon gives this dessert special flavor.

Brie-Apple Quesadillas

Better Homes and Gardens
Total: 20 mins

Tequila Lime Pie

Ladies' Home Journal

White Chocolate Flan

Better Homes and Gardens

Don't let the unusual combination of ingredients scare you--the mild dried chile pepper and the nutmeg add subtle flavor notes to this white chocolate custard.

Caramel Flans

Better Homes and Gardens

Warm caramel flows over these 5-ingredient flan Mexican desserts. These creamy custards are irresistible.

Mexican Chipotle Chocolate Bites

Better Homes and Gardens

Bizcochitos with Lemon Glaze

Better Homes and Gardens

The tangy glaze on these buttery anise cookies gives them a fresh citrus taste.

Coconut Flan

Vegetarian Times

Caramel and coconut pair well.

Dulce de Leche Cake

Better Homes and Gardens

Richly sweet with a subtle hint of citrus, this luxurious cake is sure to be a hit at any gathering. Look for dulce de leche in the ethnic section of your supermarket.

Bittersweet Chocolate Flan

Better Homes and Gardens

A touch of cinnamon adds a little spice to this chocolate dessert. Top it with pomegranate seeds for a pretty pop of color.

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