Mexican Chorizo Dishes

Chorizo, a spicy, Spanish pork sausage, is a great accent in Mexican recipes. From quesadillas to Mexican-style pizzas, there are plenty places for chorizo to spice up a meal.

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    Mexican Chorizo Dishes Articles
    Creamy Chickpea and Crispy Chorizo Soup Makeover
    ... for breakfast sometimes! So the recipe for Creamy Chickpea and Crispy Chorizo Soup instantly appealed to me. I...! Frying chorizo is a nifty trick: You get perfectly crunchy morsels, which I think are even tastier than... that I really only wanted the chorizo it as a garnish, so while the recipe calls for 10 ounces, I used... read more...
    Cooking with Kids: Chorizo and Sweet Potato Quesadilla
    ... about it, which is adorable and funny, especially when she desperately wants to help wash dishes. But I... like to involve her in the cooking whenever I can, so when it was time to make this Chorizo Quesadilla... tone down the spiciness of the chorizo. I had Linden help me peel the sweet potatoes, then I cut thin... read more...
    Slow Cooker Mexican Beef Stew
    ... recent weekend to make this Slow Cooker Beef Stew, which is chock full of delicious Mexican flavors... add 1/4 cup of homemade salsa for flavor and cumin instead of thyme to punch up the Mexican flavors... our stew with blue corn chips, but cornbread would be a wonderful side dish as well. This slow cooker... read more...
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