Mexican Green Chili

Green chili is a crowd-pleaser because of its mild Mexican flavors. With canned green chiles widely available on the Mexican food aisle at most supermarkets, this chili can be on the burner and simmering within 15 minutes.

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Chili with Guajillo and Ancho Chiles and Hominy

Food & Wine

Butcher Tom Mylan of the Meat Hook in Brooklyn flavors his chili with three kinds of dried chiles: fruity guajillos, smoky anchos and a New Mexico chile. After he soaks the chiles in water to plump them, he blends them to form a silky puree, which gives the chili a complex flavor.

Total: 2 hrs 30 mins

Easy Green Chili

Better Homes and Gardens

All the chili flavor in this easy one-dish dinner comes from a can of chili peppers.

Shrimp with Green Chile Rice

Better Homes and Gardens

Naturally mild shrimp and rice are injected with Mexican flavor, both in the shrimp's cooking broth and the rice's pureed pepper sauce.

Total: 40 mins

Mexican Winter Chili

Better Homes and Gardens

Mexican Winter Chili

Midwest Living

White and Green Chili

Ladies' Home Journal

For this 30-minute dinner, you use convenient meat loaf mix (a mixture of ground beef, pork, and veal) and prepared green salsa to make a hearty chili.

Total: 30 mins

Green Chili and Corn Dip

Family Circle

Serve this creamy corn and salsa slow cooker dip with tortilla chips or fresh vegetable sticks.


Ladies' Home Journal

These corn and shrimp tamales wrapped in corn husks are the real deal. Serve them when entertaining for a dinner that guests will be sure to remember.

Chunky Chicken Chili

Family Circle

Kickin' Chicken Chili with Vegetables

Better Homes and Gardens

Kickin' Chicken Chili

Better Homes and Gardens

Chili Verde

Better Homes and Gardens

Pork and Green Chile Stew

Ladies' Home Journal

This low-calorie dinner recipe is low in fat because it uses lean pork and lots of veggies, including zucchini, corn, and red potatoes.

White-and-Green Chili: 30-Minute Meal

When you don't have all day to let your chili simmer in a slow cooker, make it fast with this recipe for White-and-Green Chili. White, by the way, is for white beans that give this one-pot meal its texture, and green is for the green prepared salsa and the fresh cilantro that add plenty of flavor. You won't even miss the tomatoes.

28 Days of Slow Cooking: Kickin' Chicken Chili with Vegetables

Let's talk about Mexican salsa. Before we get into a discussion about a great, healthy slow-cooker recipe called Kickin' Chicken Chili with Vegetables. Because salsa, folks, is important in your chili.

Seeing Red: A Not-So-Spicy Chili Colorado Sauce You'll Love

Chili Colorado is a versatile and flavorful Mexican sauce that can add an earthy rich heat to meats of all sorts and is perfect for slow-cooker dishes.

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