Mexican Chicken Casseroles

Chicken makes this Mexican casserole light and inexpensive, even for a crowd. Make a Mexican chicken casserole your next potluck specialty.

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Our Best Mexican Recipes

From Mexican chicken to Mexican dips, casseroles, and rice, we've got the Mexican recipes you want.

Nacho Chicken Casserole

Betty Crocker

From Betty's Soul Food Collection... Hey! "Throw down" that leftover chicken to make a one-dish taco casserole. Family and friends will think you're the latest celebrity chef.

Total: 1 hr 25 mins

Our Favorite Chicken Casseroles

Try one of these ten delicious chicken casseroles for a one-dish dinner sure to please the whole family.

Dude Ranch Chicken


Creamy chicken and tomato casserole combined with flour tortillas for a Southwestern flare.

Total: 45 mins

Mexican Tortilla Casseroles

Better Homes and Gardens

Your family will love this Mexican- inspired chicken casserole recipe.

Monterey Tortilla Casseroles

Better Homes and Gardens

In Mexico, this dish is served for breakfast; stateside, families enjoy it as a quick and tasty dinner, too. Follow the make-ahead directions and heat the frozen casserole in a microwave for a meal that's ready in minutes.

6 Marvelous Mexican Casseroles: Muy Grande, Muy Delicioso

Whether you're planning a Cinco de Mayo party or just looking for something different for a weeknight dinner, Mexican-inspired casseroles are a perfect way to satisfy your craving for a bit of south-of-the-border spice. Casseroles are a great "make ahead" meal, and because you can adjust the portions according to the number of people you're serving, they're a great potluck dish, too. In honor of the Mexican holiday that Americans love to celebrate, we're giving you a variety of our favorite Mexican-style casseroles.

Spinach and Chicken Enchilada Bake

Ladies' Home Journal

Easiest-Ever One-Dish Chicken Tamales

Family Circle

Boxed cornbread acts as the base for this simple chicken casserole. Cook the bread solo for 20 minutes before pouring on the enchilada sauce and scattering on the chicken and cheese.

Mexican Chicken Casserole: 30-Minute Meal

We can't pass up any recipe with "Mexican" in it. Love chicken. Love quick and easy casseroles.

Zesty Chicken Orzo Casserole

Tyson® Grilled & Ready® Chicken
Total: 40 mins

Chicken Tortilla Bake


A creamy chicken and cheese casserole with bell pepper, onion, and spicy tomatoes.

Total: 1 hr

Santa Fe Chicken Casserole

Philadelphia Cooking Cream

Layers of tortillas, melty cheese and chicken combine with Santa Fe-inspired cooking creme, sending your taste buds on a quick trip down Route 66.

Total: 40 mins

Texas-Style Casserole

Better Homes and Gardens
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