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Mexican Cuisine

Yes, "Mexican food" can be shorthand for a platter heaped with refried beans, cheesy enchiladas and chile rellenos. But the cuisine of our neighbors to the south is much more nuanced than your local taco joint might have you believe. Authentic Mexican recipes tell another story, from the complex moles (up to 30 ingredients!) of Puebla to the rich tomato sauces of Veracruz to the rich, cinnamon-laced chocolate of Oaxaca, authentic Mexican cuisine varies widely by region and incorporates a staggering amount of ingredients and spice in sophisticated ways. And there are lots of delicious Mexican dessert recipes: Who wouldn't want to end dinner with a piping hot churro filled with rich Mexican chocolate?

Mexico City Beef & Bean Burritos

Family Circle

Strips of seasoned beef, refried beans, and all your favorite Mexican toppings are layered in flour tortillas to make a quick-and-easy family dinner in less than 30 minutes.

Spicy Salsa Verde

Better Homes and Gardens

Carnitas Tacos

Diabetic Living

One of the reasons I became a chef was because I was amazed at my father's ability to prepare the perfect meal, particularly his carnitas, Traditionally, carnitas are deep fried in larda nutritionist's nightmare! Now using healthier cooking methods and healthier ingredients., my father (who now has diabetes) and I can enjoy carnitas without sacrificing the crispy outside and tender juicy inside of the pork. - Chef LaLa

Roasted Poblano Guacamole

Diabetic Living

Spicy Panbroiled Steak

Better Homes and Gardens

If you like beef fajitas, you'll love this variation, flavored with smoky-spicy chipotle peppers.

Total: 25 mins

Amazing Creme Caramel

Midwest Living

Heres our version of a Latin dessert specialty known as flan. We steeped citrus peel and cinnamon with the milk to add flavor. The caramelized sugar you put on the bottom turns into a caramelly sauce when turned out. Serve with raspberry or chocolate sauce, or all by itself. This soothing, sweet custard pudding looks complicated, but goes together with surprising ease.

Vegetable Pizzas

Better Homes and Gardens

Make a trip to the garden or fresh outdoor market for a basketful of vegetables and herbs to make this summer pizza recipe.

Mexican Tacos Carnitas

Diabetic Living

Mushroom & Chicken Quesadillas

Family Circle

A layer of refried beans, chicken, mushrooms, and cheese makes these Mexican skillet sandwiches a favorite recipe for kids.

Beef Tostadas

Family Circle

The spicy meat for this tostada recipe is prepared in the slow cooker. Layer the beef with your favorite fixings on warm tortilla shells to finish off this main dish.

Beef & Chimichurri Sauce

Family Circle

The flavors of this fragrant green chimichurri sauce complement grilled beef top sirloin. This recipe is ready to serve in just over 30 minutes.

Fast Fajita Roll-Ups

Better Homes and Gardens

Just 20 minutes, start to finish, these fajitas make great busy weeknight dinners.

Total: 20 mins

Seared Scallop-Tequila Shooters

Better Homes and Gardens
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