Grilled Vegetable Marinades

While most people mainly think of marinades for meat, don't overlook the vegetables. Many marinades taste great on your favorite vegetables.

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Joe Monte's Marinated Roast Peppers

Midwest Living

Instead of buying roasted red peppers, use this recipe to make your own. Serve them on sandwiches, on an appetizer tray, or mixed with pasta.

Twice-Marinated Mushrooms

Fine Cooking Magazine

These mushrooms get lots of flavor from a quick sear, although they keep a nice, chewy texture because they're not cooked all the way through. The wine-and-vinegar marinade infuses them with even more flavor and provides an acidic balance to the rich olive oil. Tastier and meatier than your average store-bought jarred mushrooms, these are delicious on crostini, over steak, pork, or chicken, and as a pita topping or omelet filling. This recipe works well with a variety of mushrooms. The cooking time, however, varies slightly depending on the type you use. You can marinate each mushroom variety separately, or if you want to marinate a mix of mushrooms, cook them separately and then marinate them together.

Anchovy and Roasted-Pepper Salad with Goat Cheese

Food & Wine

For Eataly's seafood dishes, Mario Batali enlisted the help of Dave Pasternack, chef-partner at his outstanding restaurant Esca. "This gives Dave another place to play with fish," Batali says. "Plus, I don't go to the Olympics without bringing my MVPs." Together they created this earthy salad with chopped cured anchovies in the dressing.

Total: 30 mins

Marinated Vegetable Kabobs

Vegetarian Times

To prevent burning, soak the wooden skewers in water while you assemble and prepare the other ingredients, or use metal skewers instead. Serve kabobs over freshly cooked rice, if desired.

Asian Marinated Portabella 'Steak'

Fine Cooking Magazine

Serve this full-flavored portbella "steak" with jasmine rice and greens tossed with some of the marinade. Seared baby bok choy is also a nice accompaniment.

Tangy Marinated Vegetables

Vegetarian Times

This is a beautiful take-along side dish when made in and served out of a 1-quart canning jar. Eat these veggies with your fingers to satisfy a picnic craving for something salty and crunchy--without resorting to a bag of chips.

Smoky Glazed Asparagus

Food & Wine

Chef Nate Appleman of A16 and SPQR restaurants in San Francisco swears by coating vegetables with a mayonnaise-based marinade; it creates a beautifully blistered crust when grilled. Here he offers a marinade for asparagus that is also fabulous on broccoli and fennel.

Total: 45 mins

Assorted Vegetable Platter

Family Circle

This grilling technique would work well with nearly any vegetable you can find at the farmers market.

Mixed Grilled Summer Vegetables


Fast and easy side dish on the grill.

Total: 5 mins

Cool Antipasto Kabobs

Heart-Healthy Living

Take your choice of a variety of fresh vegetables and reduced-fat cheeses for these colorful appetizer or side-dish kabobs.

Grilled Rustic Roll-up

MorningStar Farms
Total: 1 hr 30 mins

Grilled Vegetable Kabobs

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Mixed Grill Kabobs

Family Circle

Grilled Filet Mignon with Vegetable Kebabs


You might be tempted to save beef filet for special occasions, but this low-fat cut is actually perfect weekday fare: it cooks up fast, stays juicy and carries other flavors perfectly. The kebabs are a wonderful mix of lemon, herbs and fresh vegetables.

Total: 30 mins

Grilled Vegetables

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Great Grilled Lamb: Cook Once, Eat Twice

I can't get enough BBQ this summer, so grilled lamb kebabs are taking center stage this week. Simple Mediterranean flavors like lemon juice, allspice, and cinnamon lend themselves well to marinades for lamb. If you love grilled lamb, too, just remember to bring the kebabs to room temperature before grilling.

Mediterranean Pressed Picnic Sandwich

This make-ahead grilled vegetable sandwich improves after an overnight stay in the fridge. It's the perfect picnic lunch or dinner!

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