Grilled Vegetable Marinades

While most people mainly think of marinades for meat, don't overlook the vegetables. Many marinades taste great on your favorite vegetables.

Joe Monte's Marinated Roast Peppers

Midwest Living

Instead of buying roasted red peppers, use this recipe to make your own. Serve them on sandwiches, on an appetizer tray, or mixed with pasta.

Assorted Vegetable Platter

Family Circle

This grilling technique would work well with nearly any vegetable you can find at the farmers market.

Mixed Grill Kabobs

Family Circle

How to Cook Beets

For a vibrant and vivacious side dish with unmatched natural sweetness, you should know how to cook beets. This often overlooked vegetable comes in several varieties, including red ruby and golden, which you can use interchangeably or combine in a single dish.

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