Ribeye Steak Marinades

Rib-eye steak has long been one of the most popular to marinade and grill. Usually tender and full of flavor, with the right recipe rib-eye steak can be a glorious culinary experience.

See Popular Ribeye Steak Marinades Recipes

Southwest Steak Salad

Pace Salsa & Picante

Ribeye steaks marinated in a sassy dressing are grilled and sliced to top a savory green salad with crumbled goat cheese and crunchy onion rings.

Total: 2 hrs 40 mins

Chimichurri Steak

Better Homes and Gardens

Argentina is famous for chimichurri, a bright, herbacious green sauce. Here, we slather it over charbroiled steaks.

How to Cook Ribeye Steak

Steakhouses have mastered how to cook ribeye steak--with a few easy tips, you can also enjoy a perfectly cooked ribeye at home.

Steak Jalisco

Better Homes and Gardens

A green salad and mashed or baked potatoes would round out this tasty surf and turf dinner.

Ooh La La Marinade


A delightful marinade that brings a little taste of France to any meat.

How to Cook a Ribeye Steak

While people have different preferences when it comes to which cut of steak is best and why, rib-eyes are a favorite because their marbled texture helps keep them juicy and tender. There are a number of options for how to cook a rib-eye steak, but you can't go wrong with this pan-seared version with a red wine sauce. Shallots and fresh thyme enhance the flavors and aroma of these savory thick and juicy steaks.

Cherry Marinated Beef with Roquefort Polenta and Corn Salsa

Midwest Living

Meaty ribeye steaks are marinated in cherry juice concentrate, garlic, and rosemary and then grilled to perfection in this main-dish recipe.

Honey Sunshine Marinade


A fresh citrus marinade that is light enough for shrimp and full flavored enough for chicken, beef, and pork.

Korean Tacos

Family Circle

What makes these steak tacos Korean? A spicy sriracha-soy sauce marinade, plus Asian-inspired toppings like pickled cucumbers, sesame seeds and sliced radishes.

Honey-Mustard Dressing

Better Homes and Gardens

This quick-to-fix honey-mustard dressing is the perfect addition to any salad.

Ribeyes with Garden Tomatoes

Better Homes and Gardens

Available in intriguing shapes and sizes with an abundance of flavor, heirloom tomatoes also add a spark of color to this grilled steak main dish recipe.

Cowboy Ribeyes with Chaparral Salsa

Better Homes and Gardens

Use an instant-read thermometer to test for doneness. The steak's temperature will rise by about 5 degrees after you remove it from the heat. This beef steak gets a double kick of heat from the spicy marinade and the fresh salsa topping.

Red Wine Marinade


This simple classic marinade is perfect paired with dark or gamy meats. You can vary the flavor depending on what kind of red wine you choose. For a greater intensity, try using a full-bodied red, such as Shiraz or Zinfandel. For a more delicate flavor, use a lighter red, such as Pinot Noir or Burgundy. Use on: Chicken thighs, duck, beef, lamb (see Tip)

Total: 10 mins

Pirate Marinade


This big, bold marinade recipe was adapted from a local Vermont restaurant and caterer. We make it in huge batches and freeze the extras so we always have it on hand. Use on: Extra-firm tofu, salmon, chicken, duck, pork, beef, lamb (see Tip)

Total: 30 mins

How to Make a Restaurant-Style Steak in Your Own Backyard

Steakhouse cuts are delicious, but can be expensive to enjoy out. Follow these tips (and recipe) to make a steakhouse-style steak at home.

10 Things You Didn't Know About...Making Marinades Work

Face it: most raw meat isn't particularly appetizing (and if you don't buy that, try working at a food website and searching, say, for attractive images of raw chicken). But meat soaking in a delicious marinade, that's a different story. Suddenly it's all about potential, and the idea we have that a good long soak in lots of flavor inevitably makes meat tender and tasty.

Light Low-Cal Summer Dinners

Isn't there supposed to be a gene that curbs your appetite in hot weather? Because I don't seem to have it. I get just as hungry in the heat as I do in winter.

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