Chicken Breast Marinades

A marinated chicken breast is the great start to a culinary delight. The multifaceted chicken breast can be used in such recipes as Feta-Stuffed Chicken Breasts, Pesto Chicken Breasts with Summer Squash, or Tex-Thai Chicken Breasts.

Tandoori Rub

Better Homes and Gardens

A trio of spices--curry powder, ginger, and cumin--proovide an exotic flavor to chicken. Because the vivid colors of fresh spices may stain your fingers, consider wearing plastic gloves before working with this rub.

Tangy Lemon Chicken

Better Homes and Gardens

This easy marinade is also good for fish and seafood.

Spicy Garlic-Chicken Pizza

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A purchased bread shell topped with peppery chicken, a blend of two cheeses, and a sprinkling of nuts makes a sophisticated pizza.

Herbed-Mustard Marinade

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This quick and easy mustard-based marinade pairs well with chicken and is ready in the time it takes you to stir together a few ingredients.

How to Bake Chicken Breast

Chances are you already have a recipe or two for how to bake chicken breast. Chicken is a favorite mealtime choice in many households, and with good reason. It's low in fat and high in protein, and its mild flavor means it goes well with ingredients both common and exotic. Finding new recipes to keep your menu planning fresh and exciting can be a challenge, especially if you're cooking for a family. That makes chicken breast a great choice. Like the proverbial little black dress, you can dress chicken up or down depending on the occasion. Versatile chicken offers so many options, you need never get bored.

Curried Yogurt Marinade

Midwest Living

This spicy, golden marinade, with a splash of sweet honey, is delicious used on pork, chicken, lamb, or beef.

How to Grill Chicken Breast

Learning how to grill a chicken breast is a right of passage for every home cook. Chicken breasts are one of the most popular cuts of meat, and rightly so--they're high in protein, low in fat and quick to cook.

Lemon-Garlic Marinade

Better Homes and Gardens

This simple marinade adds a boost of flavor to chicken. Two hours is long enough to marinate. If chicken sits too long in the mixture, the acid in the lemon may toughen it.

Chicken and Roasted Pepper Sandwiches

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This colorful grilled chicken sandwich is a great main dish recipe year round. Grilled bread is spread with semisoft cheese and topped with roasted red sweet peppers and basil.

How to Barbecue Chicken

Summer isn't really summer without tackling a few recipes for how to barbecue chicken. With minimal prep time and the grill itself doing most of the heavy lifting, hosts preparing barbecue chicken can mingle with guests--and still end up with a fabulous meal.

Wine-Marinated Grilled Chicken Breasts

Midwest Living

An easy marinade that's seasoned with Italian herbs and garlic makes this chicken a must at your next backyard cookout.

Grilled Lemon Chicken

Family Circle

A sprightly lemon dressing seasoned with fresh dill and basil makes a delightful sauce for these grilled chicken breast halves.

Southwest Chicken Breasts

Better Homes and Gardens

To transform this dish into a salad, slice the grilled chicken breasts and arrange them on shredded lettuce. Top with the avocado mixture and add some shredded cheese.

Orange-Dijon Chicken

Midwest Living

A snappy Dijon-style mustard glaze tops off these juicy chicken breasts. Serve them for dinner with brown rice or multigrain pasta.

Chicken Spiedini

Midwest Living

Chicken tenders are marinated in Italian dressing, then coated in bread crumbs and grilled. They're served with a side dish of sauteed mushrooms, garlic, and prosciutto.

Grilled Lemon-Herb Chicken

Diabetic Living

Marinating is a healthy way to add terrific flavor to foods. It also adds a make-ahead step to a recipe. Marinate the meat in the morning, then cook it at night.

Asian Warm Chicken Slaw

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