Mardi Gras Desserts and Treats

Being a holiday steeped in the tradition of indulgence, it's no surprise that dessert recipes play a major role in Mardi Gras. You'll discover tasty dessert recipes for beignets, Bananas Foster, and more to sweeten your Mardi Gras celebration.

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Pecan-Praline Cheesecake with Caramel Sauce

Food & Wine

You can use store-bought pralines to make the crust for this fluffy cheesecake, but Big Sugar's quick praline recipe is worth the extra effort, as is the buttery caramel sauce that gets pooled on top.

Total: 1 hr 45 mins

Vanilla-Scented Beignets

Food & Wine

Gerald Hirigoyen's airy beignets (doughnuts) can be deep-fried a few hours in advance and recrisped in the oven just before serving.

Total: 1 hr

French Market Beignets

Better Homes and Gardens

Fried dough squares are sprinkled with powdered sugar to make these sweet rolls. Serve them while still warm for brunch, a snack, or dessert.

Banana Split Waffles

Family Circle

Breakfast or dessert? We'll let you make the call by customizing the toppings for these homemade waffles.

Nutmeg Beignets

Better Homes and Gardens

From New Orleans' French Quarter coffee houses, beignets (ben yayz) are square hole-less fried dough that are airy and delicate. Use a deep saucepan to fry the beignets, leaving at least 3 inches between the oil and the top of the pan. Roll in powdered sugar and serve warm for breakfast, brunch, or dessert.

Bananas Foster

Better Homes and Gardens

Ready in just 15 minutes, this easy recipe instantly awes guests. Brown sugar, bananas, and a splash of liqueur are warmed and poured over ice cream for an enticing dessert.

Total: 15 mins

Bananas Foster

Vegetarian Times

This classic Southern dessert with its flaming presentation makes a dramatic finale for any meal.

Black Forest Banana Split Recipe


This five-ingredient dessert recipe has only 11 grams of fat.

Mardi Gras for Kids! (And Grownups Who Have to Work the Next Day)

We admit it: this day and age, the idea of "kid-friendly" Mardi Gras seems about as nonsensical as busing the folks at your local retirement home down to a Lady Gaga concert. But that's only because Mardi Gras has devolved in the public imagination to a point where it's somehow synonymous with a Girls Gone Wild kind of thing. No, when we think of "girls gone wild" and Mardi Gras, we're thinking of a bunch of 6-year-olds shrieking as they dart around the house in face paint and kooky glasses.

Banana Split


Bananas, ice cream, fruit toping, and fudge topping are layered into a frozen dessert that won't melt as fast as the classic version.

Raisin Bread Pudding with Whiskey Sauce

Better Homes and Gardens

This New Orleans dessert is truly sublime, as is the rich sauce that blankets every serving. It's a worthy indulgence.

New Orleans Beignets for 48

Better Homes and Gardens

The traditional French fritter or beignet is a puffy, deep-fried doughnutlike pastry. Mixing the dough is easy with the help of your bread machine.

Cheese Beignets

Vegetarian Times

Beignets are commonly referred to as the Southerner's doughnut. In this family recipe, the dough should be stiff add just enough water to let you press the dough flat. To make cutting the stiff dough easier, use a floured pizza cutter.

Banana Split Pie

Ready Crust
Total: 1 hr 15 mins

Banana Split Tart

Betty Crocker

From Betty's Soul Food Collection... Everyone goes bananas for this dessert. It's even sweeter when you use slightly overripe bananas--the slightly brown ones that kids won't touch.

Total: 1 hr 15 mins

Crispy Cherry-Almond Bars with Marshmallows

Midwest Living

Try this light and deliciously crispy, cherry-packed bar recipe at your next party or bake sale.

Banana Split Cake

Betty Crocker

Love banana bread? Try banana cake! Chocolate chips and chocolate frosting make it extra special.

Total: 1 hr 5 mins
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