Shrimp Cocktail

Shrimp cocktail recipes are perfect choices for an appetizer to feed a crowd. Just serve cooked shrimp with a zesty tomato-based sauce. Select a shrimp cocktail appetizer seasoned with Creole and Cajun spices for your Mardi Gras party.

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Vermouth-Poached Shrimp with Ginger Remoulade

Food & Wine

Jason McCullar reinvents shrimp remoulade, the classic New Orleans cocktail-party dish. Instead of tossing his vermouth-poached shrimp with a mayonnaise dressing, he makes a ginger-spiked dipping sauce.

Total: 1 hr

Curried Shrimp Cocktail


Perk up your appetizer platter with spicy roasted shrimp. In place of the traditional red cocktail sauce, serve with fruit chutney.

Fiesta Shrimp Cocktail

Better Homes and Gardens

Serve this pretty shrimp appetizer in a cocktail glass for a fun presentation at your next party.

Body Parts Halloween Buffet

The most harmless, humble foods--chicken fingers, shrimp cocktail, ribs, deviled eggs--become deliciously scary for this grown-up Halloween party.

How to Boil Shrimp

When you're more in the mood for surf than turf, the only thing standing between you and a delicious seafood dish is knowing how to boil shrimp. Boiling is a popular method for cooking shrimp because it's quick (just a few minutes), no-fuss, no-fat, and produces a firm-but-tender texture.

10 Things You Didn't Know About...Cooking Shrimp

How does a picky kid from Missouri, one who spent most of his childhood landlocked at least 500 miles from the nearest body of salt water, develop a bona fide love of shrimp? Beats me. I was the kind of kid who got squeamish when I saw my mom cutting up raw chicken -- if I'd ever seen a shrimp with its head on, I'd probably have lost it (seriously...shrieking).

Shrimp Teriyaki Skewers with Bacon: Best Holiday Appetizer Ever!

For Christmas party entertaining and all the way through the New Year's Eve festivities, we are riding to holiday heaven on the Skewers of Glory -- until each and every guest passes out from overeating! YA-HOOOOOO! These gorgeous appetizers just went up on The Pioneer Woman Cooks; they're also in Ree Drummond's (the Pioneer Woman herself) new 2013 cookbook, A Year of Holidays.

Vodka with Tater Tots? -- A Bloody Disgusting Bloody Mary!

One fabulous thing about the holidays: Cocktail parties! One not-so-fabulous thing about the holidays: Hangovers! Thank goodness for the Bloody Mary, that vodka, tomato juice, Worcestershire, Tabasco concoction that offers just enough of the ol' hair of the dog to get you out of bed, off to brunch, and ready for the next soiree.

Ultimate Super Bowl Party Menu -- Step by Step

Anyone can put out chips and dip, but if you're planning on hosting a Super Bowl party, now's the time to think a little bigger. Throw on your apron: We've got the recipes to put together the ultimate Super Bowl spread. What's on the menu?

Perfect Party Food: Appetizers That Dazzle

You might say that appetizers can make a party--little portable bites keep guests from feeling full and sluggish, and their portability means everyone can socialize freely. (Have you ever been trapped by a boring seatmate at a sit-down dinner? A nightmare!)

How to Tailgate: 11 Winning Tailgating Recipes (Touchdown!)

I hate football, don't you? Oh, no, wait. Most people like football.

9 New Year's Appetizers to Throw Together NOW

So Christmas wasn't enough! Last I heard, there was some kind of party-type deal this week as well. Who made up this schedule?

11 Easy New Year's Party Recipes

My husband and I never go out on New Year's Eve. We never entertain, either. Instead, we concoct a huge cleaning project -- the kind of thing we avoid during the rest of the year, like clearing out the crawl space on the other side of the basement wall.

Crockpots Rock on Christmas Eve! 9 Great Recipes to Prove It

Christmas Eve dinner is something of a conundrum. On the one hand, Christmas Eve is a bona fide part of the holiday, not to be squandered. So many modern families, dealing with competing demands from an extended bevy of relatives, can't afford for the festivities not to stretch into at least another night, and you want it to feel special.

How to Make Bloody Mary Cocktail Sauce

Start your next party off right by learning how to make this tangy bloody mary cocktail sauce.

15 Perfect Potluck Recipes to Get You Through the Holidays

Potlucks are the only fair way to entertain for the holidays. Most of us already have too much built-in December entertaining already! Seven sets of grandparents arrive on the 22nd; sixty-course fish dinner on Christmas Eve; brunch for 8,000 on December 25 -- it just keeps piling on and piling on.

How to Make Deviled Eggs

For an inexpensive and delicious side dish learn how to make these delicious deviled eggs. Potlucks, picnics and family gatherings are just a few events these would be perfect for!

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