Cucumber Sandwich

Cucumber sandwiches make a refreshing lunch with plenty of crunch. Flavored with fresh herbs, spiced with nuts, or sprinkled with fruit, these sandwich ideas show how versatile cucumbers can be.

See Popular Cucumber Sandwich Recipes

Tomato and Cucumber Sandwiches

The Food Channel

These mini sandwiches are ideal for entertaining, especially in the summertime, when you can use fresh, home-grown tomatoes.

Chicken Banh Mi

Midwest Living

Stack rotisserie chicken, crisp vegetables, mayo and a zippy sesame dressing on a soft roll for a fast version of the popular Vietnamese sandwich.

Total: 20 mins

Cheesy Vegetable Triangles

Pepperidge Farm
Total: 15 mins

Cucumber and Dill-Sour Cream on English Muffin

Midwest Living

These cool and creamy cucumber sandwiches can be made in just 10 minutes. Enjoy them as a snack or serve as appetizers.

Total: 10 mins

Cucumber Chicken Pita Sandwiches

Better Homes and Gardens

Looking for a refreshing no-cook meal? Try this Greek-inspired pita sandwich.

Total: 15 mins

Cucumber Roll-Ups


For a no-bake appetizer that comes together in a snap, try these vegetarian rolls that are reminiscent of sushi.

Gazpacho Sandwich to Go

Better Homes and Gardens

Perfect for summertime picnics, this take-along sandwich features all the vegetables that make up gazpacho, but packed into a baguette.

Total: 10 mins

Pretty Little Tea Sandwiches with Heart

Midwest Living

Fill heart-shaped bread with the filling of your choice for these appetizer sandwiches. Choose from chicken, ham, or egg salad, or try a marmalade or cucumber filling.

Total: 15 mins

All-Wrapped-Up Salad

Heart-Healthy Living

Using whole grain tortillas helps boost the fiber in this fresh-tasting vegetarian sandwich wrap.

Mediterranean Meatloaf Sandwich

A flavorful and tender Mediterranean meatloaf is even better served as a meatloaf sandwich, with lettuce, cucumber, and multigrain bread.

DIY Pickles! Hands Down the Best Use for All Those Summer Cukes

"Crunch" is the sound of pickle bliss, that first bite into a crisp cucumber that's been brined and spiced and ready to slap on a sandwich or eat all on its own. One of the world's lowest-calorie snacks, the dill pickle has only about eight calories each. And when it's the peak of summer (meaning the peak of cucumber season), "cool as a cucumber" is no joke.

How to Make Crab Salad

Knowing how to make a crab salad sandwich is what sets apart a gourmand from a run-of-the-mill cook. Anyone can whip up a tuna melt or a ham and cheese sub, but a crab salad is a lunch that is equally suited to a damask tablecloth or a picnic basket.

Cackling Kids Lunch: SandWitch

We've got the house decorated for Halloween, and looking at the creepy spiders, glittery pumpkins, black crows, and cloth-draped mirrors every day has really gotten me into the Halloween spirit. So much so that it inspired this week's "SandWitch"! Brew up some ghoolish fun with this spooktacular lunch!

Brilliant Kids Lunch: Bookworm Sandwich

With it being so hot these days, my girls and I made a run to the library to get some new reading material so they could practice their reading (which is important over the summer break), and most importantly, so we could stay inside and enjoy the A/C! In honor of all the good books we have read -- and those we are going to read this summer! -- I made a bookworm lunch!

Best Cucumber Recipes: Farmers Market Faves

Cucumbers might be the only vegetable that, sliced on a plate, can convincingly be called "veggie cookies," even then you've got a limit on how far that argument will go. When cucumbers are in full swing, you've got to find ways to fit them into every phase of your summer dining experience. And so we challenged ourselves to find appetizers, salads, entrees, and even drinks and desserts that include these little green gourds.

10 Creative Sandwich Sensations

What would lunch be without sandwiches? They're essential to our weekdays and weekends, letting us grab food on the run and get right back to work or play. Problem is, it gets easy to fall into a rut, getting that same old plain-Jane tuna salad or turkey sandwich day after day.

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