Lunch Sandwiches

When you think of lunch, you think of sandwiches. Whether you're cooking for yourself or a crowd, our creative sandwich recipes can make every lunchtime special.

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Lunch Envy: Top Sandwiches for Brown Bagging

Avoid a PB&J rut so early in the school year with this collection of stellar sandwich recipes to stock your lunch bags.

A Better Brown Bag Lunch: Ham and Mango Sandwiches

Go beyond the basic ham and cheese sandwich for lunch today by adding mango, fresh herbs, and a flavorful spread.

Mini Turkey Focaccia Sandwiches

Betty Crocker

Looking for little bites with big flavor? Whip up these apps for your next casual get together.

Total: 1 hr 5 mins

Grilled Marinated Steak Sandwiches

Betty Crocker

What's the secret? It's the ginger-soy sauce marinade that turns grilled sandwiches into great beef sandwiches.

Total: 4 hrs 25 mins

Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches

Betty Crocker

Try this chicken sandwiches recipe from Betty Crocker.

Total: 7 hrs 20 mins

Hearty Grilled Turkey and Cheese Panini

Pepperidge Farm

Soft honey-oat bread and sun-dried tomato flavored mayonnaise make this turkey and cheese sandwich anything but ordinary. It's simple to make and really good!

Total: 35 mins

Turkey Mini Sandwiches

Betty Crocker

Turkey, cranberries and Swiss cheese star in a layered and baked made-from-Bisquick® mix sandwich.

Total: 1 hr 10 mins

Hot Biscuit Fish Melts

Betty Crocker

From Betty's Soul Food Collection... These melt-in-your-mouth mini sandwiches make great appetizers, tasty snacks and of course lunch--but make plenty! They may be small, but their popularity is huge!

Total: 35 mins

Roasted Pepper and Goat Cheese Sandwiches

Ladies' Home Journal

Ciabatta bread is coated with goat cheese and fresh basil to make these flavor-packed vegetarian sandwiches.

Total: 5 hrs

Onion and Bacon Cheese Sandwiches

Betty Crocker

Give everyday grilled cheese a boost! Top sandwiches with cooked bacon pieces and sliced onion.

Total: 25 mins

Oktoberfest Submarines

The Food Channel

A hearty Octoberfest sandwich of Black Forest ham, honey roasted turkey breast, salami and mayonnaise piled in oversized sub rolls topped with autumn salad with toasted walnuts, sliced red pears and Swiss cheese.

Sweet and Spicy Barbecued Brisket

Pace Salsa & Picante

Brown sugar makes it sweet, picante and Worcestershire sauces makes it spicy, and slow cooking makes it tender and delicious. Serve the brisket on sandwich buns or rolls to soak up all the flavorful sauce.

Total: 12 hrs 40 mins

Open-Faced Veggie-Sprout Sandwiches

Pepperidge Farm

Crunchy vegetables, seasoned ricotta and dark wheat bread make these easy-to-make sandwiches simply delicious.

Total: 15 mins

Southwest Chicken Sub

Betty Crocker

Try this chicken recipe from Betty Crocker.

Total: 15 mins


Prego Italian Sauce

Hearty, seasoned tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese are folded inside bread dough, baked until golden, sliced while piping hot and served with additional sauce.

Total: 8 hrs 35 mins

Vegetarian Reuben Sandwiches

Betty Crocker

Try this vegetarian sandwich recipe from Betty Crocker.

Total: 20 mins

Vegetable Sandwich Stacks

Prego Italian Sauce

Looking for a different sandwich idea? Try these scrumptious sandwich stacks featuring layers of eggplant, zucchini, cheeses and Italian sauce served on crisp garlic toast.

Total: 40 mins
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