Waldorf Salad

Tart apples, creamy dressing -- everyone loves a great Waldorf salad. Our Waldorf salad recipes go from the classic to the creative, with plenty of flavorful additions.

Waldorf Chicken Salad

Midwest Living

Use crackers to scoop up this traditional Waldorf salad or serve inside a tortilla or lettuce wrap for a quick weekday lunch.

Holiday Waldorf Salad

Better Homes and Gardens

This lighter version of the classic favorite adds kiwifruit, pineapple, and lemon yogurt for a delicious update.

Spring Waldorf Salad

Better Homes and Gardens

Granny Smith apples add a sweet crispness to this light and healthy salad with zesty lemon flavors. Grapes and Belgian endive bring special taste to this fresh side dish recipe.

Total: 20 mins

Orange-Apple Waldorf Salad

Better Homes and Gardens

What to make for a big family reunion? This gelatin salad is an easy choice. It's easy to tote, and it is light and refreshing. For the best flavor, toast the nuts before adding them.

Barley Waldorf Salad

Diabetic Living

Old-fashioned Waldorf salad recipe gets an up-to-the-minute makeover with the addition of nutty barley, fresh grapes, and a tangy yogurt-and-mayonnaise dressing.

How to Make Chicken Salad

Chicken salad maintains its place in lunch boxes and on picnic tables decade after decade because it's simple and delicious. And that's why every home cook should learn how to make it.

Tuna Waldorf Salad

Better Homes and Gardens

Canned tuna turns Waldorf salad into a quick main dish salad to serve for lunch or dinner.

Total: 20 mins

Turkey Waldorf Salad

Family Circle

This quick and easy low-calorie recipe combines chunks of turkey and Fuji apples with crunchy walnuts for a sensational lunch or salad supper.

Cranberry Waldorf Salad

Better Homes and Gardens

Purchased cranberry sauce and pears give a festive twist to this all-time favorite fruit salad.

Total: 30 mins

Chicken Waldorf Salad1

Family Circle

Chicken Waldorf Salad

Better Homes and Gardens

Dried cherries, pecans, and rosemary enhance this chicken and apple salad. Make it even more fabulous with smoked chicken from the deli section of your grocery store.

Total: 20 mins

How to Make Fruit Salad

It's been said that fresh fruit is nature's candy--and with good reason. Fruit is sweet and delicious, colorfully wrapped, and doesn't require much dressing up to become an elegant dessert. While pies, tarts and cobblers all have their place, to truly savor the natural flavors of strawberries, melon, grapes and other fresh-picked "candies," you need look no further than how to make fruit salad.

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