The great thing about lunch is that it can go in any direction. Lunch is the day's refueling session, a culinary time-out that lets you relax over a meal before getting back to the grind. So enjoy it! Yes, sandwiches are great (who doesn't love a meatball sub or gooey grilled cheese) but soup can be just as satisfying (homemade chicken noodle, perhaps, or a hearty bowl of chili?). Or pick a salad - with all of the specialty greens available these days, you can get a lot fancier than just a Cobb or Caesar. The whole point of lunch is to take a break - so do yourself a favor and eat something you like. That goes for kids, too. When you're searching for healthy lunch recipes and ideas, think about getting outside the usual "chips and a sandwich" box. There are lots of quick ways to pack their lunchboxes full of unusual items.

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    ...For no good reason, packing my children's lunches was one of my most-hated chores. I always left...." But if I had to go back to making lunches, I'm sure I'd discover it was exactly as horrible as I...'d remembered. And then, as if to rub it in, the kids would come home with half their lunch uneaten. I'd glumly... read more...
    Blazin' Kids Lunch: Sunshine Quesadilla
    ... pretty cold winter.) To celebrate the (unofficial) start of summer, I made this super sunshiny lunch... read more...
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