The great thing about lunch is that it can go in any direction. Lunch is the day's refueling session, a culinary time-out that lets you relax over a meal before getting back to the grind. So enjoy it! Yes, sandwiches are great (who doesn't love a meatball sub or gooey grilled cheese) but soup can be just as satisfying (homemade chicken noodle, perhaps, or a hearty bowl of chili?). Or pick a salad - with all of the specialty greens available these days, you can get a lot fancier than just a Cobb or Caesar. The whole point of lunch is to take a break - so do yourself a favor and eat something you like. That goes for kids, too. When you're searching for healthy lunch recipes and ideas, think about getting outside the usual "chips and a sandwich" box. There are lots of quick ways to pack their lunchboxes full of unusual items.

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Cackling Kids Lunch: SandWitch

We've got the house decorated for Halloween, and looking at the creepy spiders, glittery pumpkins, black crows, and cloth-draped mirrors every day has really gotten me into the Halloween spirit. So much so that it inspired this week's "SandWitch"! Brew up some ghoolish fun with this spooktacular lunch!

Brilliant Kids Lunch: Bookworm Sandwich

With it being so hot these days, my girls and I made a run to the library to get some new reading material so they could practice their reading (which is important over the summer break), and most importantly, so we could stay inside and enjoy the A/C! In honor of all the good books we have read -- and those we are going to read this summer! -- I made a bookworm lunch!

Blazin' Kids Lunch: Sunshine Quesadilla

My family had a blast over Memorial Day weekend. It was great to soak up the rays, splash in the cold pool, grill out with friends -- and generally enjoy being out in the sun! (Especially after a pretty cold winter.)

Quick & Easy Lunch Box Specials

For no good reason, packing my children's lunches was one of my most-hated chores. I always left it until the last minute, when I invariably discovered that we were out of bread or some other key ingredient. When I look back on those days, I always think, "It couldn't have been as bad as all that."

Galloping Kids Lunch: Horsey Sandwich

Out of all the fun food animals I have made, I realized I haven't made a horse! Crazy! Horses are so fascinating, with their agility, power, beauty, strength and generally loving nature.

Varsity Kids Lunch: Football Quesadilla

Not sure if you know, but it's football season! (Cue the thumping music.) I honestly could care less -- but apparently there are some big fans out there!

Submerged Kids Lunch: Snorkeler Sandwich

Goggles are just funny when you think about it. Take any ordinary group of kids, put them in a pool, and suddenly they're transformed into these drippy little aliens with big googly eyes. I can hardly keep a straight face when one of them comes padding up to me, breathless, asking if I just saw their latest cannonball.

Toothy Kids Lunch: Shark Sandwich

Sharks terrify me, but they always seem to be a hit with kids. They just love them! I don't know why -- maybe it's their sheer strength or their massive amounts of teeth.

Healthy Kids' Lunch: Tree Quesadilla

It's been unusually warm where I live. The trees have been tricked into thinking it's spring and are already starting to blossom, which inspired this adorable healthy-lunch idea.With a tree made from a spinach tortilla and cheese (with a pretzel rod for its trunk), and two frisky little bunnies with tomato faces, cheesy eyes and tails, and carrot ears and nose, this kids' recipe brings the outdoors in.

Fun Kids Lunch: Snowman Sandwich

Yippee! Winter's almost here, and this snowman will bring some excitement to your kids lunch. I love snow--donning mittens, building a snowman, then coming inside for hot cocoa and a snack.

Jolly Kids Lunch: Santa Sandwich

You better watch out, because Santa Claus is coming to town! Christmas is my favorite holiday, and we're having a lot of fun creating new traditions with our kids. My oldest is getting skeptical about the whole Santa thing, but the magic is still there.

Stellar Kids Lunch: Spaceship Sandwich

With meteors entering our atmosphere, a man jumping from space, and a seventh grader successfully sending Hello Kitty almost into orbit, I thought a spaceship would be appropriate for this week! It's a lunch so simple and cute, it's out of this world! What You'll Need:1 sandwichfruit leatherblueberries To Make Spaceship Sandwich:Use a sharp knife to cut a spaceship shape out of the sandwich, as shown.

Soaring Kids Lunch: Kite Sandwich

Nothing says spring like a crystal blue sky, a stiff breeze and a soaring kite darting through the air. Now that the days are getting longer, we're looking forward to some after-school outings in the park on those days when the weather is too perfect to stay inside. But of course, the other thing about spring is the changeable weather.

Springy Kids Lunch: Chickadee Quesadilla

Ah, spring has finally sprung -- the bunnies are hopping, the daffodils are blooming, and the stores are wall-to-wall with Easter candy. You may have trouble convincing you kids that there aren't just three major food groups this time of year (chocolate, jelly beans and Peeps), but here's a fun way to get their noses out of their Easter baskets -- an adorable (and cheesy, but in a good way) chickadee quesadilla served peeping hot. What You'll Need:1 flour tortilla1/4 c.

Seaworthy Kids Lunch: Mayflower Sandwich

It's time for Thanksgiving ... and an edible history lesson! The Pilgrims sailed from England to America on a ship called the Mayflower, under the guidance of one Christopher Jones.

Smart Kids Lunch: Happy Graduation!

Here we are at the end of the school year, and that means ... graduation! Celebrating your child finishing one grade and moving onto the next is important!

How to Waffle Your Lunch

Your waffle iron is good for more than sweet pastries! Learn how to use the quick-cooking tool to make the best grilled cheese sandwich ever.

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