Lamb Stew

When the temperature drops, a slow-simmering lamb stew makes a warm, comforting meal. Try these easy recipes for Basque, Irish, or barley versions of lamb stew -- and see how quickly people come to the table.

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    Lamb Stew Articles
    Lamb for Easter, Passover, and Other Spring Feasts
    ...Lamb is a classic staple on Easter and Passover dinner tables and it's generally more widely... coming up, here's a seasonal primer on a favorite spring meat. Cuts: Lamb, especially rack and leg of... on special or be able to get a real deal on other cuts such as shoulder roasts. Flavors: Spring lamb has... read more...
    Minty Pasta Salad with Lamb: Quick, Easy, and Elegant
    ... on the hunt for celebration-worthy recipes--preferably lamb, with bright accouterments to contrast with its... subtle gaminess. This minty pasta salad with lamb fit all the criteria; plus, the prep time is short... is enhanced by this step. Lamb is my protein of choice to celebrate spring's arrival, and dainty rib chops... read more...
    10 Best Stew and Soup Recipes for Midwinter
    ...When it comes to wintertime stew and soup recipes, I'm ex-TREME-ly demanding. They'd better... soups and stews be easy to make ahead -- but that requirement is usually satisfied already. When they...'re hearty, almost all stew or soup recipes benefit from being refrigerated and reheated. For some reason... read more...
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    Irish Stew with Mint Sour Cream
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    Lamb and Bean Ragout over Pasta
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