Lamb Chops

Cooked on the grill or in the skillet, lamb chops are elegant but super-fast meals. From curried to cranberry-glazed variations, these easy lamb chop recipes deliver big flavor.

Lamb Chops and Lima Beans

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This fast and easy dinner recipe also works well with medallions of turkey tenderloin or pork.

Lamb Chops and Beans with Chile Butter

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Lamb chops slathered with spicy butter are the perfect choice for a casual backyard meal. The butter enhances other meats and poultry too.

Lime Salsa Chops

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For flavors of Old Mexico, marinate lamb chops in a mix of jalapeno jelly, honey, lime juice, serrano or jalapeno peppers, and sesame oil. Grill and serve the chops with a sweetened fresh salsa of plum tomatoes, cucumber, green onions, and cilantro.

Tandoori-Style Lamb Chops

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Quick cooking on a grill seals in the juices and flavors in these Indian-spiced lamb chops cooked with summer squash.

Spice-Rubbed Lamb Chops

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Use this orange peel and cinnamon rub recipe to spice up these skillet lamb chops. Top with couscous and veggie mixture.

Total: 40 mins

Braised Lamb with Dill Sauce

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Enjoy a slow cooker dinner of tender lamb, tiny new potatoes, and colorful carrots all draped in a creamy dill sauce.

Grilled Colorado Lamb Chops with Lavender

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When entertaining, try the make ahead directions for this recipe. If you don't have lavender on hand, finely shredded lemon peel will also work for the rub.

Grilled Lamb Salad


If you enjoy gyros, you'll go wild for this Mediterranean-inspired salad. Serve with hummus or tzatziki on the side to scoop up with pita chips.

Mediterranean Lamb Chops

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This lamb chop recipe served over hot cooked orzo flavored with a garlic and onion pasta sauce, beans, olives, and sweet peppers hails from the Mediterranean.

Lamb Chops with Peppercorns and Mustard

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Also use the pepper marinade for this tender lamb chops recipe to flavor four good-size beef rib-eye steaks.

Tuscan Lamb Chop Skillet

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Healthy white beans are flavored with rosemary and garlic, then topped with lamb chops to make this impressive skillet meal.

Total: 18 mins

Lamb Chop Sandwich

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This sandwich recipe is also a great way to use leftover cooked beef or pork. The relish goes well with both meats.

Baked Lamb and Vegetables

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Top lamb chops with carrots and parsnips and bake in foil packets for easy cleanup.

Minty Roasted Lamb Chops

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The classic spring combo of lamb, mint, and peas is mimicked here in this easy dinner. After a flavor-packed rub of garlic, lemon and mint, the chops are simply roasted in the oven.

Garlic-Chili-Rubbed Lamb

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Succulent lamb chops get a savory kick from a dry rub in this quick-prep grilled dinner.

Total: 1 hr
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