Healthy Cheerios Snacks

Little fingers love Cheerios, and moms know they make a great snack. With these Cheerios recipes you can whip up healthy snacks that are just right for the car or an after-lunch treat.

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Cupid Clusters


Cereal and dried berries are held together with melted white chocolate to make these easy snacks. Enjoy them for dessert as well.

Quick & Healthy Snacks for Kids

Never underestimate the ravenousness of a child just out of school. It might be the first moment that a kid can pause to reflect on the day, or it might be your only chance to shovel some nutrition into his face before band rehearsal, dance class, or field-hockey practice. Don't pass up this golden opportunity!

All-American Snack Mix

Betty Crocker

Kid-friendly snacks, such as Frosted Cheerios®, animal crackers and fruit snacks, make for good munching!

Total: 10 mins

March Madness Snacks Get Healthy: Fresh Talk

The constant sounds of swishing hoops and blowing whistles coming from my TV can only mean one thing--March Madness is here! This year I'm skipping the greasy wings and slices of pizza while tracking my bracket, and opting for these healthy and satisfying game-day recipes instead. Stuffed Cherry TomatoesThe phrase big things come in small packages best describes flavor-packed Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes (shown here), which are perfect to pop while waiting for tip-off.

10 Healthy After-School Snacks -- Just for Kids!

I dropped the ball with my children's snacks. I never sank so low as to give them candy between meals, although I did allow them plenty of sweets. That, I don't regret a bit. But I do feel bad that the snack drawer in our kitchen was always crammed with cookies and potato chips (make these healthy Oven-Baked Garlic-Herb Potato Chips) and Doritos and cereal, cereal, cereal -- all whenever and in whatever quantities the kids wanted. From age 7 to 11, I think my son lived mainly on chips and cereal. Luckily, both kids grew up to be justread more

Quick & Healthy Snacks that Busy Kids and Adults will Love

Quick and healthy snacks to power kids and adults through work, school, practices and more.

9 Healthy Kid-Friendly Snacks for Summer: Stop the Whine!

If kids had their way, their diet would consist entirely of food that is neon in color, sweet in flavor and, preferably, accompanied by a toy. Unfortunately for us parents, there are plenty of options that fill those criteria, especially when it comes to snacks. However, with a bit of savvy, smart parents can find healthy alternatives that are still fun for the kids, while not guilt-inducing for us. Don't get us wrong: we're not advocating tricking your children outright (that would be bad!), but we can offer you some, ahem, creative options that will let you rest easy,read more

Crunchy Cereal Trail Mix


Crunchy, sweet and salty, this simple trail mix combines all your favorite flavors in a convenient mix.

Total: 10 mins

Our Best Brown Bag Lunch Sides and Snacks

Step aside, chips! Here are our favorite healthy sides and snacks to keep you and your little ones happy at lunch time.

Healthy Homemade Snack Chips Your Kids Will Love

Healthy potato chips? You bet. But before we begin, I must warn you: After reading this post, you may never buy a bag of chips again. Ever. If, for any reason, you would prefer to spend money on a bag of possibly greasy, mostly broken, and definitely more expensive snacks, than STOP reading now. However, if you love the idea of making your own fresh, delicious, and easy snacks, let's go! Whether you crave classic potato chips, tortilla chips, or something more "exotic," such as kale or pita chips, you can easily satisfy any appetite with these incredibly easyread more

8 Great Healthy Snack Recipes Kids Will Love

Tasty snacks, packed with energy and ready to grab when you need them the most. Sound like a dream? Well, it is: Americans spend an average of 30 minutes each day snacking, consuming as many as 250 additional calories from the kind of bite-sized, low-effort treats that are usually way too high in salt and sugar. We're out to change all that this year with healthy snacks -- the kind that won't fill you up or fill you with guilt for serving them to the kids. (Yes, even cookies and candy bars!) Since we enjoy nibbling as much asread more

Healthy Energy Boosts for When You Need Them the Most

Before you reach for that mid-afternoon snack for an energy boost to carry you through to the end of the day, consider the fact that you might be doing yourself more harm than good (unless you make these healthy snacks.) According to a new study by the National Health Service in the United Kingdom, the "energy boost of a sugary snack wears off quickly." Instead, have fresh fruit, dried fruit, or nuts, which are a healthy and long-lasting source of energy, says the NHS, adding, "If you must have chocolate, choose a few squares of good-quality plain chocolate. It containsread more

Picnic Stop Ahead! Easy Food for Healthier Summer Road Trips

Back when road-tripping Americans were getting their "kicks on Route 66," roadside diners and small-town restaurants offered a variety of tasty, local and reasonably healthy food options for hungry travelers. Nowadays, American freeways don't possess quite as much charm. Unless you're willing to go off the beaten path, it can be hard to find anything but fast-food joints and gas-station junk food. As we enter into summer vacation season, we've got a plan for all you road warriors trying to eat healthy on your journey: pack your own! When you pack your own snacks and meals, not only canread more

How to Coupon: Get Beach-Ready with Coupons!

The calendar might say summer starts in a few weeks, but most people consider Memorial Day weekend to be the season's unofficial kickoff, and that means ... bathing suit season (!!). Where I live, recent snow squalls have melted into 80-degree days, and I need my padding from all those snow-day baked goods to vanish just as fast. Fortunately, coupons can be an asset towards healthy eating. It's a common misconception that coupons are only issued for unhealthy processed foods. While there's no shortage of coupons for fatty snacks and prepared dishes, there are many available for healthy more

Snack Attack: Do Your Fave 'Healthy' Foods Stack Up?

It's easy to convince ourselves that some foods might be "healthy" when, in fact, they're pure junk. Making ourselves believe that Twinkies are a great source of dairy (that cream filling counts, right?).

Sneaky Snack Packs: Supermarket Savvy

Everyone loves snacks, but no one loves the extra calories. When I first saw "100 calorie snack packs," I thought they were a great idea -- convenient, measurable, guilt-free -- until I discovered that each pricey pouch contained just a tiny handful of weirdly thin cookies. I only bought them that one time, but they're still around.

Naughty But Nice Mini Cheesecakes

I'm usually an all-or-nothing kind of girl when it comes to dessert. I'd rather have a small slice of rich, chocolate cake with thick, fudgey icing or a creamy slab of cheesecake than a big slice of reduced-fat dry, crumbly something or other. Except when it comes to the holidays.

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