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Whether you're searching for a healthy after-school snack, a holiday treat, or just some fun-to-eat munchies, we have the perfect recipe. Search our snack recipes for dozens of healthy, crowd-pleasing snacks.

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Quick & Healthy Snacks for Kids

Never underestimate the ravenousness of a child just out of school. It might be the first moment that a kid can pause to reflect on the day, or it might be your only chance to shovel some nutrition into his face before band rehearsal, dance class, or field-hockey practice. Don't pass up this golden opportunity!

March Madness Snacks Get Healthy: Fresh Talk

The constant sounds of swishing hoops and blowing whistles coming from my TV can only mean one thing--March Madness is here! This year I'm skipping the greasy wings and slices of pizza while tracking my bracket, and opting for these healthy and satisfying game-day recipes instead. Stuffed Cherry TomatoesThe phrase big things come in small packages best describes flavor-packed Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes (shown here), which are perfect to pop while waiting for tip-off.

19 Fun and Healthy After-School Snacks

Keep your busy kids satisfied and energized throughout the day with these nutritious after-school snacks.

Quick & Healthy Snacks that Busy Kids and Adults will Love

Quick and healthy snacks to power kids and adults through work, school, practices and more.

9 Healthy Kid-Friendly Snacks for Summer: Stop the Whine!

If kids had their way, their diet would consist entirely of food that is neon in color, sweet in flavor and, preferably, accompanied by a toy. Unfortunately for us parents, there are plenty of options that fill those criteria, especially when it comes to snacks. However, with a bit of savvy, smart parents can find healthy alternatives that are still fun for the kids, while not guilt-inducing for us.

10 Healthy After-School Snacks -- Just for Kids!

I dropped the ball with my children's snacks. I never sank so low as to give them candy between meals, although I did allow them plenty of sweets. That, I don't regret a bit.

Tortilla Cups with Yogurt and Fresh Fruit

Martha Stewart

Try different flavor variations, like adding a dash of cinnamon or nutmeg along with the sugar. Ice cream would be terrific in place of the yogurt.

Fire House Salsa Bars

Pace Salsa & Picante

These chewy oatmeal bars have an added kick of flavor with Pace® Salsa and apricot preserves.

Total: 55 mins

Cinnamon Apple Chips


Sweet! These crispy apple chips have no added fat.

Total: 3 hrs 15 mins

Bag O 'Teddies

Better Homes and Gardens

Here's little snack for the little eaters in your life. Top bear-shape graham cookies with yogurt and fresh berries for a healthy treat.

Total: 5 mins

Munch & Crunch Cereal Snack

Diabetic Living

Satisfy your cravings for something crunchy, sweet and slightly salty with this tasty, super-simple snack mix.

Total: 5 mins

Veg-Out Car Snack

Diabetic Living

Pair with hummus or ranch dip for a nutritious, family-friendly snack.

Total: 15 mins

Bats, Balls, and Bases

Better Homes and Gardens

A snack cereal mix recipe can't strike out with just three ingredients. Just pour, toss, and munch!

Savory Pistachio Snacking Granola


Granola isn't just a topping for your morning yogurt. Try this sweet and savory oat and nut mix as a unique appetizer for your next party.

Total: 3 hrs

Herbed Soy Snacks

Better Homes and Gardens

These easy soybean snacks have a great crunch and are very versatile. Give them a kick with cayenne pepper or chili powder.

Applesauce Raisin Cookies


Applesauce takes the place of some of the fat in these sweet, chewy cookies that are perfect for an afterschool snack or a healthy dessert.

On-The-Trail Bars

Better Homes and Gardens

The nut, raisin, and coconut filling tops whole grain crust in these nutty grain-filled cookie bars.

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