Low Fat Turkey

High in protein and low in fat, turkey can be a great way to keep your diet on track. Try one of our healthy, low-fat turkey recipes -- from simple casseroles to salads, turkey burgers, and more -- for healthy weight-loss ideas.

Moroccan Meatloaf

Better Homes and Gardens

Ground turkey, raisins, onions, couscous and exotic spices take this meatloaf where no meatloaf has ever gone before -- and deliciously! Enjoy any leftover chutney on beef or turkey sandwiches the next day.

Total: 35 mins

Hickory-Smoked Turkey Breast

Midwest Living

This hickory-smoked turkey breast makes wonderful sandwiches or a tasty addition to a cold meat tray. You also can serve it for Thanksgiving dinner.

Turkey and Bean Wraps

Diabetic Living

Chinese Noodles


Lentil-Turkey Meatballs on Grilled Bread


Stretch ground turkey by mixing it with canned lentils to create tender meatballs for this healthy open-faced sandwich.

Turkey in a Pita

Better Homes and Gardens

Use deli-style turkey and coleslaw to make this quick-fix sandwich.

Total: 5 mins

Marinated Turkey Slices

Better Homes and Gardens

Served any time of the year, turkey breast takes on a whole new flavor dimension when it's marinated in lemon and herbs and topped with the season's best vegetables.

Cape Cod Turkey Pitas

Family Circle

Sausage Jambalaya

Better Homes and Gardens

If you like your Cajun dishes extra spicy, increase the red pepper or the chili powder.

Total: 30 mins

Curried Turkey With Rice


Ground turkey is simmered in a curry tomato sauce and served over rice in this flavorful low-fat recipe.

turkey & curried vegetables

Family Circle

For this easy dinner recipe, a turkey breast cooks with vegetables and dried fruit in a slow cooker. Serve with rice and your meal is complete.

Caesar Turkey Wrap


Caesar salad dressing adds interest to a basic turkey wrap in this lunch recipe.

Quick Turkey Florentine

Family Circle

This 20-minute recipe takes the fixings of a Florentine-style dish--spinach, mushrooms, and white wine--and tosses them with ground turkey in a skillet.

Sara Foster's Herb-Roasted Turkey

Better Homes and Gardens

This incredibly delicious roast turkey is twice infused with flavor. Sage leaves under its skin emanate into the breast meat while an aromatic mist of rosemary, white wine, and apple juice permeates the flesh from the bottom. Fresh herbs are absolutely essential to the success of this turkey; dried herbs just won't do.

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