Low Fat Dinners

Planning a dinner for family or guests, and want to keep the fat low? From simple suppers to dinner parties and more, our healthy, low-fat recipes are sure to please everyone at your table.

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Healthy Dinners: Low Fat, Big Flavor

Although healthy cooking has come a long way, there's still a nagging perception that if something is low-fat and nutritious, it's not going to taste good. Not true! Healthy cooking isn't about adding sprouts and tofu to everything under the sun--it's about making delicious, healthy dishes out of the foods and flavors you love.

Buttermilk: Low-Fat Ingredient, High-Fat Name

It may sound fattening, but buttermilk is actually low in fat and high in protein and calcium. Unlike skim milk, which is thin and watery, buttermilk is thick and creamy. It even contains probiotics, beneficial bacteria that help keep your digestive system healthy.

Light Low-Cal Summer Dinners

Isn't there supposed to be a gene that curbs your appetite in hot weather? Because I don't seem to have it. I get just as hungry in the heat as I do in winter.

The Skinny on Low-Fat Avocados: Real Healthy

I've been getting a lot of avocado questions lately about a new product called a SlimCado. (No, not named for a character in an old Western movie.) Have those resourceful farmers actually figured out a way to produce a lower-fat avocado?

6 Best Low-Fat Dinner Recipes: Familiar Favorites Made Healthier

If your holiday season included a few too many cookies or glasses of eggnog (whose didn't?), and your New Year's resolution includes a return to healthy eating, we're here to get you off to a great start. Since smooth, gentle transitions are always the easiest, we're giving you some of our best low-fat dinner recipes; you know, the ones that taste so good you might not believe they're low-fat. We've got low-fat nachos, baked chicken that tastes like a much more decadent fried version, even a creamy low-fat fettuccine carbonara. Each of these dinners is wholesome and tasty, perfectread more

Low-Fat Chocolate as Rich as the Real Stuff?

Don't you just love all those studies that tell us chocolate is actually good for us? Good for our blood pressure and our cholesterol, reducing our risk of diabetes and even aiding to weight loss? Um, they had us at "chocolate."

Easy Baked Fish -- Low Fat, No Fuss Recipes

Baking fish is the easy way to ease back into the new fall season. And maybe we were getting a little tired of the summer routine anyway. Yes, we all miss summer and the fresh array of vegetables that were readily at hand. But, really, so many great vegetables -- some even from our own gardens -- are still available. It's not that. Maybe it's the need to feel like we're eating a little lower on the hog, as in "less pork on the grill" and more low-calorie, high-flavor fish. And maybe we're just tired of cleaning the grill!read more

3 Things to Make With...Low-Fat Yogurt

When you find a good deal at your grocery store, it's smart to stock up -- but it can be a challenge to find new, tasty ways to use up all those good bargains. Each week, we bring you three original (often surprising!) recipes that feature the types of ingredients you're likely to find on sale.

Pork Tonkatsu

Total: 1 hr 20 mins

MyPlate Meals: 5 Healthy Chicken Dinners

Chicken ... again? Sure, it's the one thing most of us pick up at the supermarket every week and usually always have in the fridge, and you may be a little bored with the same old bird. You bake it, fry it, grill it ... and more than likely you're running out of ideas on how to perk it up and make dinner feel special. But it's well worth expanding your chicken repertoire: chicken is one lean protein, and a keystone for healthy, low-fat dinners. And its mild flavor works like a charm with herbs, spices and even fruitread more

MyPlate Meals: 7 Healthy Slow-Cooker Recipes

For many of us, the phrase "slow-cooker recipes" conjures up dishes that are not always synonymous with healthy. We think of foods that are rich, calorie-laden, and indulgent. While slow-cooking does insure maximum flavor, that by no means implies that you can't eat healthily, too. In fact, we've got seven delicious, easy, and healthy slow-cooker recipes to prove it. From a meltingly delicious slow-cooker braised pork with salsa to a elegant, vegetarian-friendly barley risotto with fennel, each of these recipes is loaded with flavor while staying low in calories, fat, and sodium. Because these dinners are all maderead more

We Say Potato! Main Dish Spuds

Potatoes deserve to move from the obligatory side dish to the dinner table's main event. Meat-and-potatoes sounds so sad, so everyday. With these main-dish potato recipes, you'll not only indulge yourself in one of nature's most perfect sources of vitamins, but also have one of the original comfort foods front and center.

How to Make Green Bean Casserole

Remember back when Sunday dinners and holidays just weren't complete without everyone's favorite green bean casserole on the table? We all loved those crunchy fried onions topping the creamy blend of mushroom soup and beans. Learning how to make green bean casserole was a new cook's rite of passage, and this recipe sat in almost everyone's recipe box.

Italian-Style FIsh: 30-Minute Meal

On the night before a holiday meal, dinner should be quick, easy, and light. You have plenty of time for stuffing tomorrow. There is little lighter than seafood, and this Italian-style Fish, made with a mild white-fleshed fish such as cod, pollack, or red snapper, is broiled, so it's very low in fat and calories.

Fresh Berry Dessert Recipes: Best of the Blogs

Fresh berries are one of the joys of hanging out at your local farmers' market. Once those raspberries and blueberries appear -- and for folks in the Northeast and Upper Midwest, have patience -- you know that a beautiful tart, cobbler, or pie is soon going to be the centerpiece of your dinners and backyards barbecues for a long time. There is nothing like the fresh taste of berries. And nothing like the health benefits, either. It's not just that desserts made with berries, not to mention the berries on their own, are low in calories and fat, theyread more

3 Things to Make With...Beets

The number one reason to add beets to your holiday menus this year? Well, just look at them. That deep, luxuriant red couldn't be more perfect for the season. But beets are more than just Christmas pretty. Low in both calories and fat, they're a nice counterbalance to all that rich holiday fare most of us are prone to overindulge in this time of year. All that wouldn't be worth a lump of coal in a stocking if beets weren't also downright delicious. Earthy yet sweet, they compliment a range of savory dinners (we particularly like them alongside a goodread more

Eat Healthy, Eat Happy: 12 Fit & Flavorful Healthy Recipes

Healthy and delicious is what everybody wants to eat these days. Why not? There's no reason food that's good for you can't taste good, too.

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