Low Carb Smoothies

Everyone loves smoothies, and our low-carb smoothie recipes make it easy to watch your diet. With simple ingredients like fresh fruit, yogurt, and soy, you can stir up a great-tasting, healthy, low-carb smoothie any time of the day.

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    Low Carb Smoothies Articles
    9 Easy Low-Carb Recipes to Get You Back in Shape
    ...Low-carb is my watchword for the new year. right now, I have such a carb face like you wouldn... in New Year's resolutions, I would like both to see my eyes and to see out of them. So it's low-carbs... on carbs produces more visible cheekbones in a remarkably short time. So I'm willing to try a low-carb... read more...
    Shamrock Smoothie, 3 Ways
    ..., then even better! I'm planning to celebrate, in part, with a green Shamrock smoothie: a festive... ahead of time. For me, smoothies tend to be a last minute idea; I just throw fruit into the blender..., maybe add some ice, blend, and go. I'm a convert, though. This green smoothie is unbelievably creamy... read more...
    7 Days of Colorful Smoothies to Get You Out the Door on Time
    ... my weekday breakfast menu. Enter: Quick and easy sippable smoothies. I love the grab-and-go quality...-colored inspiration. Join me and enjoy one of the smoothies below each day for breakfast and by the end of this week... or smoothie is the perfect vehicle to disguise a picky eater's enemy number one. This recipe calls for carrot... read more...
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    by Diabetic Living
    Carrot Smoothie
    by Diabetic Living
    Just Peachy Smoothies
    by Diabetic Living
    Strawberry-Banana Smoothies
    by Diabetic Living
    Vegan Almond-Pineapple Smoothie
    by Atkins - Phase 3
    Coconut-Vanilla Shake
    by Atkins - Phase 1
    Chocolate Hazelnut Smoothie
    by Atkins - Phase 1
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