Heart Healthy Desserts

Be kind to your heart -- and your waistline -- with these heart-healthy desserts. Choose from fruity parfaits, berry tarts, spiced cookies, and more for delicious, healthy desserts that are heart-smart, too.

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Best Heart-Healthy Dinner Recipes

Have a heart -- or at least some heart-healthy recipes to get you back in shape before Valentine's Day. It may sound silly, but for all the work our hearts do, we often don't show them much love. After all, the heart is the one muscle that never stops pumping, even while we sleep.

MyPlate Meals: 10 Healthy Fall-Favorite Desserts

This time of year makes it hard to eat healthy. Halloween ... Thanksgiving ...

Valentine's Day Desserts That Say Here's My Heart

When it comes to Valentine's Day, there's no room for subtlety. Love is something to declare! The entire holiday is awash in hearts, candy, and flowers--all in bright pink and red hues.

Christmas Desserts --Healthy & Delicious, Easy & Elegant

Growing up, healthy Christmas treats were usually limited to a lonely apple or orange my parents (or Santa?) vainly stuck into my holiday stocking. Now that I'm all grown up adults, it's easy to understand why.

MyPlate Meals: 8 No-Guilt Healthy Summer Desserts

When it comes to healthy eating, summer gives us a split personality. On one hand, we all want to eat healthy to ensure plenty of hours outside enjoying our favorite sun-splashed activities (in other words, we want to look better in our swimsuits). On the other hand, it seems like summer and treats are synonymous: fruit pies, buttery shortcakes, and of course, ice cream (lots and lots of ice cream!)

Sweet & Healthy Thanksgiving Desserts: Salvation for the Overstuffed

Delicious doesn't have to mean decadent. In fact, when it comes to Thanksgiving desserts, healither choices are a perfect way to finish a heavy meal. Think about it; instead of groaning at the thought of trying to finish a slice of rich pie, why not cap off the feast with an equally delicious, but much lighter, treat?

Sweet Potato Cinnamon Bundt Cake with Orange Glaze

Heart-Healthy Living

Friends and family will ask for this moist, delicious cake again and again. It's a low-fat dessert that gets a nutritious boost from a surprising ingredient--sweet potatoes.

Spicy Roasted Plums

Diabetic Living

Roasting the plums concentrates their flavor and allows the spices to penetrate the fruit. If you prefer, omit the sour cream topper and serve with vanilla frozen yogurt.

Almond-Apple Trifles

Diabetic Living

Pomegranate juice, low-fat yogurt, and light dessert topping help keep this nutty home-style dessert recipe diabetic friendly.

Mascarpone-Stuffed Figs with Valencia Orange Glaze

Diabetic Living

Mascarpone cheese is a rich, buttery cheese with double or triple the cream. Just a little goes a long way to boost the flavor of these elegant figs.

Lower-Calorie Strawberry Shortcake

Better Homes and Gardens

Indulge in this healthy version of a springtime classic. We've cut more than half the calories and fat from this traditional fruity favorite.

Mocha Souffles

Heart-Healthy Living

Cocoa powder, fat-free milk, fewer egg yolks, and sugar-free hot fudge topping make this recipe a luscious, yet heart-smart dessert.

Pecan-Apple Custards

Diabetic Living

Unsweetened applesauce, fat-free milk, egg product, and oatmeal transform traditional custard into a yummy good-for-you treat.

Chocolate-Filled Lemon Meringues

Heart-Healthy Living

A mascarpone cheese and chocolate filling makes a beguiling match for crisp low-fat lemon meringue shells in this dessert recipe.

Mini Cherry Pies

Heart-Healthy Living

We used whole wheat pastry in this healthier version of the favorite fruit pie. Serve it for dessert all summer long.

Dark Hot Cocoa

Heart-Healthy Living

A blend of unsweetened cocoa powder, bittersweet chocolate, and honey makes this hot drink good enough to serve for dessert.

Total: 10 mins

Fresh Figs with Yogurt and Honey

Diabetic Living

Summer through early fall is the time to find fresh figs for this simple low- calorie dessert recipe.

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