Healthy Fish Dishes

When it comes to healthy nutrition, fish is one of the best bets around. Our heart-healthy recipes feature fish that's baked, grilled, steamed, or fried -- and always cooked to perfection.

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Make Mine Meatless: Tasty, Healthy Main Dishes

One of my goals for the new year is to cook one meatless dinner per week. Recipes like Greek Quinoa with Avocados make it easy to stick to that goal. Why the push for meatless?

Fish Main Dishes: Light and Fresh Dinners for Spring

Light and satisfying, fish deserves to take centerstage for a holiday meal, weeknight supper, or dinner party. Try these dishes for salmon, cod, and more.

Pan Seared Tilapia with Almond Browned Butter and Snow Peas

Better Homes and Gardens

A butter and almond sauce is spooned over this white fish before serving. Cooked pea pods finish off the main dish.

Total: 20 mins

Pizza Fish Fillets

Better Homes and Gardens

Trying to encourage kids to eat fish? Try this pizza-flavored, pasta-topped recipe.

Total: 30 mins

Orange Roughy with Lemon Sauce

Better Homes and Gardens

Sweet peppers and fresh asparagus add pretty color to flaky, white fish fillets for this 20-minute dinner.

Total: 20 mins

Whitefish with Roasted Asparagus

Better Homes and Gardens

Whitefish, which has more fat than some of the other white-colored fish, provides rich flavor to this low-calorie dish.

Parmesan Baked Fish

Better Homes and Gardens

Cooking light is right for any day with this tasty, easy-to-fix fish recipe.

Salmon with Asparagus and Mushrooms

Diabetic Living

The salmon and olive oil will make your heart happy, while the wine and herbs will please your tastebuds. This well-balanced fish and vegetable recipe is a true dinner winner!

Total: 45 mins

Fish Fillets With Ginger-Dill Sauce

Better Homes and Gardens

The ginger-and-shrimp dill sauce complements any variety of mild-tasting fish.

Maple-Mustard Salmon with Brussels Sprout Salad


A shredded Brussels Sprout Salad is the perfect accompaniment to this spicy-yet-sweet baked salmon. Serve with a side of ride or pasta.

Fish and Chips-Style Cod

Diabetic Living

Nutty Fish and Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Heart-Healthy Living

Pecans and ground flaxseeds give the fish a crispy coating while adding heart-healthy fats to your diet. Add sweet potatoes to make it a complete meal.

Tilapia with Ginger-Marinated Cucumbers

Better Homes and Gardens

Fresh cucumbers seasoned with mint and ginger add a refreshing touch to this surprisingly economical and easy seafood dish.

Total: 20 mins

Deviled Fish and Pasta

Better Homes and Gardens

Lean poached fish and a low-fat yogurt sauce make this a delicious pasta recipe for those who want to lighten up their meals.

Prosciutto-Wrapped Roughy

Better Homes and Gardens

Rosemary sprigs add big flavor to this grilled fish, but the sprigs are not meant to be eaten. Be sure to remove them before serving.

Nutty Parmesan Fish

Better Homes and Gardens

A crispy coating that features cracker crumbs, pine nuts, and Parmesan makes a flavor-packed breading for these oven-fried fish sticks.

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