Dairy Free Desserts

Satisfy your cravings with a healthy, dairy-free dessert. Whether you're dropping dairy completely or simply cutting back, these guilt-free, dairy-free recipes are healthy ways to hit the spot.

(Almost) Everybody Can Eat 'Em Apple Muffins


Made with soy milk and dairy-free margarine, these flavorful muffins are safe for lactose intolerant snackers. Shredded apples and raisins add a hearty texture.

Fat-free Watermelon Sherbet

Better Homes and Gardens

Serve this low-calorie ice as an appetizer or dessert.

Banana-Nut Sammie


It's practically dessert magic: Frozen bananas transform into ice cream after a whiz in the food processor!

Mint-Tea Pops


Banana Split Tarts

Diabetic Living

A complete Banana Split in one bite! For even more decadent dessert flavor, add a spoonful of vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt to the tarts before topping with fruit.

Fruit Triangles

Diabetic Living

Dress up dessert by wrapping dried fruit in phyllo dough. These mini pies are a healthy and delicious way to finish any meal!

Cantaloupe Pops


Tropical Berry Pops

Midwest Living

This season's best berries bring a color palette of red, purple and blue to star in good-for-you desserts. They're light on calories and heavy on flavor.

Roasted Fruit Soup

Better Homes and Gardens

Thai Fruit Skewers

Diabetic Living

Take fruit up a few notches with these spicy Thai skewers. Topped with toasted coconut strips, they are both delicious and impressive.

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