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Calling something a "healthy" recipe used to be a veiled insult, but these days the term is no longer synonymous with bland tofu and sprouted grains. Today's home cooks have found new ways make heart-healthy meals that cut back on fat, boost fiber and increase vegetables in their diet - and (gasp!) the dishes still taste good. The key to making healthy meals and healthy snacks is to increase flavor while reducing all the bad stuff - in shorthand, that means using lots of herbs, fresh spices and smart cooking techniques to bring out the best in what you're cooking up. No, chicken coated with fresh herbs and panko bread crumbs is never going to taste like it comes out of the Fry Daddy - but that's a good thing, for both taste buds and your waistline.

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    Cooking with Kids: Easy Enchiladas
    ...I developed my love of food and cooking when I was a young girl. My mother was an amazing cook.... Some of my fondest memories are of being in the kitchen with my mom learning how to cook our favorite... family meals. I hope to pass that love of cooking to my daughters. I have one teenage daughter who... read more...
    When in Rome, Cook as the Romans Do
    ... was thrilled, and a little nervous, when I went to Rome and took a cooking class at Citta del Gusto (City... boil the pasta and cook the bacon in the exact same amount of time (confession: I failed... brought home from my Roman cooking class: Spaghetti alla Carbonara Recipe Courtesy Gambero Rosso (makes 4... read more...
    Cooking with Beer: 12 Delicious Recipes for Summer
    ... to cook with it. Much like wine, it can add flavor and complexity to any recipe. You may have already... cup of ale covered in foil to par cook before it heads to the grill, where it gets basted with a... good beer cocktail when done right and Jerry from Cooking Stoned (don't worry, his last name is Stone... read more...
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