Halloween Dessert

Costumes and candy - that's pretty much Halloween in a nutshell. So it's no surprise that Halloween desserts are an integral part of this spooktacular holiday. It's fun to come up with sinister twists on old favorites - just make the most of what's available in the Halloween aisle and have some fun. Cupcakes are a no-brainer - try these, made with seasonal apple butter - and use orange candy pumpkins, chocolate bats made of icing, and white marshmallow ghosts for cute toppers. Or opt for sugar cookies - tinted icing and sparkly orange sugar are everywhere this time of year. And don't forget caramel apples - they're a holiday icon. When it comes to Halloween, there's no such thing as too scary - or too sweet.

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    Halloween Dessert Recipes: Take your pick!
    Halloween Dessert Articles
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