Is there a better excuse to play with your food than Halloween? This spooky holiday practically begs for whimsical Halloween recipes, from marshmallow ghosts to caramel apples to peeled grape eyeballs. And the candy! It's everywhere, in shapes and colors perfect for creating ghoulish surprises. There are endless ways to give your food a twist creepy -- your creativity (and some easy tools) can do all the work. There are lots of easy kids recipes that go beyond toasted pumpkin seeds. Make Halloween cupcakes, frost them with chocolate icing, and go to town creating spider webs and vampire faces with colorful candies. Red Jell-o can stand in for anything from blood to brains. Baby carrots make scary little fingers and dark rye-bread sandwiches can easily be cut into the shape of spooky bats. And Halloween drinks are always a hit. Punch recipes are easy and will quench the thirst of lots of guest. No matter what you cook up, let your imagination take you to the dark side - Halloween isn't for the timid.

See Popular Halloween Recipes

10 Cool Halloween Cupcakes

While candy is the prized commodity on Halloween, let's not underestimate the power of a Halloween cupcake. And we're not talking about your average red velvets (though those could work, if you called them "bloody" something or other) - we're talking about cupcakes that are as dressed up for the holiday as the local treat-or-treaters. Witch's heads, graveyards, spiders, vampires and more will turn your kitchen into a veritable haunted house.

Great Halloween Cookies for Great Halloween Parties

Great Halloween ideas begin with great Halloween treats; all you need is a plate brimming with delicious homemade cookies. Halloween cookies come in a variety of holiday-inspired shapes and flavors, and they're always a tasty -- and healthier -- alternative to store-bought candy. (Save that for the trick-or-treaters.)

Halloween Cookies To Die For

Halloween cookies are spooky sweets that go way beyond the trick-or-treat bag. These eight delicious and easy cookies make for great grab-and-go party food; fun and scary surprises to slip into lunch boxes; and devilishly delectable snacks to munch on during the big night. Who knew scary could be so scrumptious!

Fun & Easy Halloween Party Snacks

Boo! Halloween is just around the corner. Boo hoo.

Our Best Halloween Drink Recipes

From spooky Halloween witch's brew to delicious punch ideas and cocktails, we've got the Halloween drinks you'll enjoy at your next ghoulish gathering.

Our Best Halloween Recipes

From spooky appetizers to ghoulish desserts, we've got the best Halloween treat ideas and recipes you're sure to enjoy.

Body Parts Halloween Buffet

The most harmless, humble foods--chicken fingers, shrimp cocktail, ribs, deviled eggs--become deliciously scary for this grown-up Halloween party.

Halloween Cupcake Recipes

Get instant access to our favorite Halloween cupcake recipes. Your guests will love these spooky treats!

Wild and Wacky Halloween Cakes

Costumes? Check. Candy?

20 Ghoulishly Good Halloween Recipes

From caramel apples to festive frosted cupcakes to spooky sips, we've got 20 devilishly delicious Halloween recipes sure to make your party a hit.

Halloween Party Treats -- Adults Only!

Why waste all those sophisticated Halloween party treats on the kids? A definite downside of adulthood is that trick-or-treating is no longer acceptable. Despite that, we grownups have found plenty of other ways to celebrate Halloween, including costume parties loaded with delicious Halloween snacks and festive Halloween drinks.

13 Ghoulishly Good Treats for Halloween

From spooky breakfast ideas to "spirited" cocktails, there is no need to be afraid of these ghosts!

Favorite Halloween Treats Get a Holiday Makeover

Used to be that to qualify as Halloween candy, all a company had to do was take your favorite candy treats (Snickers, Twix, Kit Kat, etc.) and shrink them down to an adorably miniature form. But now, as Today reports, there's a batch of trendy new Halloween-specific candies in stores -- and if you're like us, you're going to find that not all these snazzy new treats will actually make their way into the bags of trick-or-treaters.

Halloween Trivia Challenge: Trick or Treat!

The big day has finally arrived! The Great Pumpkin has landed! (Or at least we saw something orange whizzing by.)

Halloween Trivia Challenge: Great Pumpkin!

Poor Charlie Brown! Waiting up all night for the Great Pumpkin. The classic comic-strip character's annual ritual is as much a part of the Halloween celebration as, well, carving a jack o' lantern (click here for a recipe for Jack O'Lantern Cake) or handing out Halloween candy.

Halloween Candy Spending Sets Record

Americans will fork over $2.3 billion - billion! - on Halloween candy this year, website Life's Little Mysteries reports. (And you thought it was the zombies, vampires, werewolves, and mummies running around town that were supposed to be the scary part of the part.)

Wicked Halloween Snack: Witch's Brew

This is a Halloween snack only a kid could love: salty pretzels, candy corn, a PB&J sandwich, fruit leather and peas....that's right, peas. Maybe we'd all be wise to follow the lead of my 5-year-old and not get so caught up with "correct" food combos. Getting your kids to eat their veggies couldn't be more fun!

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