Is there a better excuse to play with your food than Halloween? This spooky holiday practically begs for whimsical Halloween recipes, from marshmallow ghosts to caramel apples to peeled grape eyeballs. And the candy! It's everywhere, in shapes and colors perfect for creating ghoulish surprises. There are endless ways to give your food a twist creepy -- your creativity (and some easy tools) can do all the work. There are lots of easy kids recipes that go beyond toasted pumpkin seeds. Make Halloween cupcakes, frost them with chocolate icing, and go to town creating spider webs and vampire faces with colorful candies. Red Jell-o can stand in for anything from blood to brains. Baby carrots make scary little fingers and dark rye-bread sandwiches can easily be cut into the shape of spooky bats. And Halloween drinks are always a hit. Punch recipes are easy and will quench the thirst of lots of guest. No matter what you cook up, let your imagination take you to the dark side - Halloween isn't for the timid.

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    Halloween Recipes: Take your pick!
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