Yes, the grill is a summertime icon, but a barbecue is more than an excuse for a backyard get-together. Grilling gives all types of food - from veggies to chicken to pork - a flavorful char and addictive smoky taste. Nothing else in your cooking arsenal can give you the same flavors (sorry, not even your stovetop grill pan), and it's worth finding the best grilling recipes to take advantage of it. Of course hamburgers and chicken are a no-brainer, but branch out and try grilled pizza (the charred crust is amazing), grilled fruit (peaches are sublime), or even grilled paella. What type of grill should you choose? Depends on what your objective is. Gas grills give you more control - temperatures can be quickly adjusted, warming racks can be employed - but charcoal gives food a pronounced smokiness that can't be duplicated.

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    Grilling Recipes: Take your pick!
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    Grilled Cheese Recipes -- Creative, Comforting & Ready to Go
    ...Comfort food doesn't get much better than a grilled cheese sandwich. Used to be, you had to look... version -- the All Day Grilled Cheese -- at Little Market American Brasserie in Chicago. With Cheddar...-made grilled cheese to rival anything Chicago can turn out. Go ahead, experiment with apples, bacon, veggies... read more...
    Grilled Ginger Ribs: Weeknight Friendly, Weekend Worthy
    .... However, they also happen to be one of my least favorite things to cook. Grilling is too labor intensive... on the ground is enough to keep me inside even if there was time in our busy schedule to grill. And, although I... dainty and neat. When I found this recipe for Grilled Ginger Ribs, I knew I had to try to make it both... read more...
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