Onion Gravy

The basic recipe for Onion Gravy can then be added to any number of dishes. Or you can try a recipe such as Cowboy Chuck Roast with Onion Gravy for a full main dish perked up by onion gravy, which is traditionally made with stock and wine as well as onions.

See Popular Onion Gravy Recipes

Onion-Thyme Gravy

Better Homes and Gardens

This delicious low-calorie gravy goes great with many turkey breast recipes.

Vegetable-Puree Gravy

Better Homes and Gardens

Make the wine-flavored gravy extra delicious: Scrape up flavorful browned bits from the roasting pan and use some of the drippings. Stir together the cornstarch and chilled wine until smooth before adding to the liquids in the roasting pan.

Onion and Mushroom Gravy

Diabetic Living

The combination of dried and fresh mushrooms gives this fat-free gravy a captivating nutty flavor that blends well with chicken or turkey.

Total: 25 mins

Cilantro-Lemon Marinated Turkey

Better Homes and Gardens

Try turkey breast flavored with citrus and cilantro for a tasty variation of the traditional bird.

Turkey With Pan Gravy

Family Circle

Roast Turkey with Sage, Onions, and Giblet Gravy

Ladies' Home Journal

Pick your favorite Riesling to make the gravy in this turkey recipe. Serve it at your holiday dinner and expect rave reviews.

Total: 4 hrs 30 mins

Five Great Gravy Recipes

Great gravy can take your Thanksgiving feast to new heights--there's something undeniably decadent about drenching your turkey slices and pillowy mashed potatoes in a pool of rich, silky sauce. But many cooks struggle with this part of thanksgiving, turning out thin, light gravies that lack flavor and depth. So how do you make the gravy of your dreams? Pay attention to the building blocks.

Perfect Gravy: What's The Secret?

Once upon a time, there was a commercial for jarred gravy that threw my sister Sarah and me into hysterics every time we saw it. These kids are sitting at a table peering into a gravy boat, then they suddenly shriek, "There's something in the gravy!" Everyone springs into action, frantically repeating that there's something in the gravy, until finally the fire department arrives, flashlights in hand, to peer into the offending homemade goo and investigate those lumps.

Mustard: Pantry Power

My husband, David, is from Kansas City, where they put mustard on their hamburgers. Bad! I use it in recipes.

Saucy Ground Beef and Noodles: 30-Minute Meal

It's winter. We need hearty fare, like Saucy Ground Beef and Noodles, the kind of casserole that will leave everybody at the table with a warm glow after experiencing such a satisfying meal. But can you accomplish that without having to spend all day in the kitchen.

Top 10 Roast Beef Recipes

Roast beef is popular for a reason--everyone who eats meat loves its rich flavor, whether you're springing for a pricy cut of prime rib or a tender, slow-cooked pot roast. There are a number of ways to cook a cut of beef, but the method you choose generally corresponds to the cut you're working with. Loin cuts of beef are best cooked uncovered in a moderately hot oven in order to develop an appealing caramelized exterior and beautifully pink interior.

Stuffing for Thanksgiving: Give It a Fab Flavor Makeover!

As kids, we admit, we were dubious of stuffing at Thanksgiving. A bready-looking mystery mash studded with -- wait, what is that? Is that ...

world's top fatty foods are groan-worthy gut busters

We Americans like our servings big, fatty, and over-the-top from time to time. See: Paula Deen's donut hamburger, the Jack in the Box bacon milkshake, or pretty much any variety of cheese-drenched french fries. But food and drink blog The Daily Meal points out that the United States isn't the only country that offers several days worth of calories in a single portion.

Dinner Tonight: Budget-Friendly Beef with Burgundy Mushrooms

Try this budget-friendly spin on a classic recipe for Beef with Burgundy Mushrooms.

Quick and Easy Dinner Recipes: Skillet Pot Roast with Cherries

Quick and Easy Dinner Recipes include this Skillet Pot Roast with Cherries that is hearty, healthy, and fast.

Wild Rice Stuffing -- Easy Thanksgiving, One Recipe at a Time

As some of my readers -- or at least my editor -- may remember, my main Thanksgiving tradition is to begin my Thanksgiving articles with a complaint about Thanksgiving. It's not my favorite holiday, but I've said that enough already. Today I'm going to lead in with a nice positive statement: The Wild Rice Stuffing in the recipe below is so good that it almost makes Thanksgiving worthwhile.

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