Chicken Gravy

Recipes for Chicken with Skillet Gravy, Pan-Fried Chicken with Gravy, and Fried Chicken with Creamy Gravy exemplify just how tantalizing gravy is when combined with poultry.

Giblet Gravy

Better Homes and Gardens

Making turkey gravy is simply a matter of stirring pan drippings and a little fat with flour and broth. The giblets are a bonus.

Molasses-Spice Gravy

Better Homes and Gardens

Here's a low-calorie, fat-free gravy. Make it with broth, sweet potato, and carrots and flavor with molasses and allspice.

Pan Gravy

Better Homes and Gardens

A couple of simple steps is all it takes to create a smooth gravy using chicken broth and drippings from meat or poultry.

Total: 15 mins

Easy Spring Gravy

Midwest Living

Don't reserve gravy just for special occasions. Drizzle this ready-in-10 sauce over roasted chicken or turkey for a weeknight meal that tastes holiday-worthy.

Total: 10 mins

Orange Cornish Hens

Family Circle

A glaze of Dijon-style mustard and orange marmalade is used to baste the Cornish game hens during roasting and to flavor the gravy.

Savory Roasted Chicken & Gravy

Family Circle

For this roast chicken recipe, the cavity is filled with onion, carrot, lemon, and fresh sage. Additional fresh sage leaves are placed under the skin. The result is tender, moist, and flavorful chicken meat.

Spring Chicken Stew

Better Homes and Gardens
Total: 30 mins

Roast Chicken With Corn Bread Dressing

Family Circle

Revive a time-honored tradition and roast a chicken for Sunday dinner. Your family will love the pecan and grape corn bread dressing as well as the sage-rubbed chicken.

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