Brown Gravy

Brown gravy is an American classic typically made with the drippings from beef, chicken, or pork. Brown gravy is fantastic poured over top of mashed potatoes, served with roast, or drizzled over meat and rice.

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Simply Delicious Meat Loaf and Gravy


The name says it all - this family-pleasing meat loaf is made special and scrumptious with golden mushroom soup.

Total: 1 hr 30 mins

Party-Time Meat Loaf

Midwest Living

Now this is real comfort food--meat loaf wrapped in pastry and served with a sour cream gravy! Just add some mashed potatoes and you have a complete meal.

Chicken-Fried Steak with Gravy

Better Homes and Gardens

This classic American beef recipe is named for the herb-seasoned coating traditionally used on chicken pieces before frying. It is just as good on beef steak.

Vegetable-Puree Gravy

Better Homes and Gardens

Make the wine-flavored gravy extra delicious: Scrape up flavorful browned bits from the roasting pan and use some of the drippings. Stir together the cornstarch and chilled wine until smooth before adding to the liquids in the roasting pan.

Baked Holiday Spiral Ham with Raisin Sauce

Midwest Living

Make the brown sugar and orange juice glaze and prepare the ham in just 15 minutes. Then relax while it bakes in the oven.

How to Cook Pot Roast

Think of pot roast as the ultimate comfort-food chameleon. It starts out as a jumble of meat, veggies and liquid tossed into a pot, but then it converts into a rich, flavorful dish. If you decide to learn how to cook pot roast, you'll be making some culinary magic, turning budget-friendly ingredients into something wonderful with little effort. A pot roast takes longer to cook than a regular roast, but you won't be wasting your time fussing over it.

How to Make Chicken Fried Steak

Why would you want to know how to make chicken fried steak (also know as country fried steak)? First, almost everything is more delicious when it's fried, but more importantly, this is a great trick for making a tough piece of beef more tender and flavorful. Where does the "chicken" part come in? The name nods to both the herb coating that the meat is dredged in (made with flour or breadcrumbs) -- similar to the batter used for fried chicken -- and the fact that it's fried to golden brown, just like chicken. The dish is usually made with round steak (also known as cube steak once it's been tenderized by a butcher).

Five Great Gravy Recipes

Great gravy can take your Thanksgiving feast to new heights--there's something undeniably decadent about drenching your turkey slices and pillowy mashed potatoes in a pool of rich, silky sauce. But many cooks struggle with this part of thanksgiving, turning out thin, light gravies that lack flavor and depth. So how do you make the gravy of your dreams? Pay attention to the building blocks.

Thanksgiving Pantry Staples: Must-Have Ingredients

Every year I get grumpy about Thanksgiving. So much brown, soft food. Such huge piles of food.

Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwiches

Yesterday's turkey dinner can be tomorrow's lunch! With this easy recipe, you'll not be left with extra meat and gravy hiding out in your fridge come 2016!

Quick and Easy Chicken, Broccoli & Brown Rice: 30-Minute Meal

A quick and easy skillet dinner -- every night. Wouldn't that be nice? But also impossible, you say.

Salisbury Steak: 30-Minute Meal

When is a hamburger not a hamburger? When it's a Salisbury steak, a 19th-century invention named for the doc, J.H. Salisbury, who was big on high-protein diets.

Thanksgiving Turkey: Hooked on Classics

When it comes to Thanksgiving, there is really one true star of the show: the turkey. And though it can be fun to play with different cooking methods and ingredients, there's something to be said for playing it straight. After all, guests are looking for a Thanksgiving roast turkey that's beautifully golden brown on the outside, plump and juicy on the inside.

Chicken Fried Steak with a Twist

A twist on a classic chicken fried steak recipe to make every member of a household with Southern and Asian heritage happy.

Easy Slow-Braised Lamb: Cook Once, Eat Twice

Braising is the cook's answer to transforming tougher, less-expensive cuts of meat into knockout dishes. And lamb is no exception. By slow-cooking lamb in my first recipe -- we're talking 9-10 hours here -- you'll end up with meat that's tender and flavorful.

Perfect Mashed Potatoes: What's the Secret?

The trouble with mashed potatoes is -- what do you consider "perfect?" I like mine with lumps, skins and all the garlic in the world. Some people call those "smashed" rather than mashed, which is a nice distinction.

20 Cooking Tools You Need to Be Healthier in 2016

Resolutioners, take note: Here are 20 cooking tools that will make it easier to make even more nutritious meals.

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