Thick, brown gravy is the ultimate sauce for roasted meats (and mashed potatoes love it, too). While the result is transcendent, the process is basically the same no matter what gravy recipe you use: Simply mix together flour with fat -- preferably the drippings from the Thanksgiving turkey or whatever else you've got roasting -- and add stock to the roux. You'll create a velvety gravy that brings together a Thanksgiving plate better than any fancy gastrique or velouté. Whether you're cooking up country style gravy or a brown gravy for beef, simple tips make gravy great: Be sure to cook the flour briefly with the fat to get rid of any "raw" taste, and have your stock heated to prevent lumps. And keep it warm! The gravy boat should be the last item on the table.

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    Perfect Gravy: What's The Secret?
    ...Once upon a time, there was a commercial for jarred gravy that threw my sister Sarah and me... into hysterics every time we saw it. These kids are sitting at a table peering into a gravy boat..., then they suddenly shriek, "There's something in the gravy!" Everyone springs into action, frantically repeating... read more...
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