Fruit Tortes

Fruit tortes are a lighter, fresher version of this cake-like dessert. Once you try recipes such as Rasperry-Hazelnut Meringue Torte, Peach-Nectarine Torte, or Fig-Apricot Almond Torte, you'll become a huge fan of fruit tortes.

See Popular Fruit Tortes Recipes

Apple Tart with Almond Cream

Food & Wine

This delicious dessert is a large version of the individual tartlets served at Racines. The thin, crisp pastry shell is filled with a layer of almond cream made from both finely ground and coarsely chopped nuts that give the tart layers of texture. The thinly sliced apples on top caramelize as the tart bakes.

Total: 3 hrs

Clay-Pot Tarte Tatin

Food & Wine

Flameware is perfect for preparing this French tart, as an ordinary clay pot may not be able to withstand the high heat required to caramelize the apples.

Total: 2 hrs 45 mins

Raspberry-Hazelnut Meringue Torte

Better Homes and Gardens

What a spectacular way to end a meal! The fantastic combination of fresh raspberries and hazelnuts add a light flavor to the crowd-pleasing meringue crust of this dessert.

Earth Apple Torte

Vegetarian Times

European tortes are both richer and yet less sweet than American cakes. They're often made in single layers with ground nuts and come "iced" with fruit. This torte--light, moist, nutty, topped with raspberry jam and, if available, fresh raspberries--follows in those footsteps. Cut it like a cheesecake, with a knife dipped in hot water. Note: "Earth apple" is a translation of French for potato: pomme de terre.

Lemon-Berry Ribbon Torte

Better Homes and Gardens

Rich Gingered Fruit Torte

Family Circle

Flaky layers of phyllo dough encase a gingerbread mincemeat and pear filling in this holiday dessert.

Total: 5 hrs 5 mins

Berry Ice-Cream Torte

Family Circle

For this dessert masterpiece, cake layers are stacked with pistachio ice cream, vanilla ice cream, and chocolate ganache (a luscious mixture of melted chocolate and heavy cream).

Banana Split Ice Cream Torte

Midwest Living

Several ice cream parlor classics merge in this frozen pie. A crust of crushed sugar cones holds chocolate ice cream studded with banana and strawberry ice cream bejewled with pineapple.

Raspberry-Almond Torte

Better Homes and Gardens

You can make and frost this layered beauty a day ahead--the Whipped Cream Frosting holds perfectly. Add the raspberry and almond garnish just before serving.

Sorbet Torte

Family Circle

This delightful frozen dessert is an array of fruity flavors and bright colors. A mixture of cookie crumbs, coconut and pistachios separates the mango, raspberry, and sorbet layers.

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