Dates have been a staple of the Middle East for thousands of years. Their sweetness makes them good in desserts such as Date Bars, Black Walnut and Date Pudding Cake, and Date Pastry Rounds. But don't limit them to desserts, try dates in recipes such as salads, bread, and side dishes.

Dried-Fruit Fruitcake

Better Homes and Gardens

People won't jokes about this fruitcake. They'll love it's sweet taste and festive look that is so perfect during Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Boxing Day, and New Year's.

Toffee-Pear Sticky Pudding

Better Homes and Gardens

Date Pastry Rounds

Better Homes and Gardens

Piecrust mix, plus a few quick steps, equals cookies that look fancy enough for any holiday gathering.

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Midwest Living

The molasses and date pudding is served with a sweet sauce in this holiday dessert.

Apricot-Pistachio Oat Bars

Better Homes and Gardens

For a fun-to-eat anytime snack, make these bars with apricots, coconut, dates, oats, and pistachios.

Date and Spice Cake

Better Homes and Gardens

The frosting for this fruity spice cake is a mixture of sour cream and whipping cream sweetened with sugar and a hint of almond extract.

Date-Nut Icebox Cookies

Better Homes and Gardens

Dates and black walnuts blend to create the richness in this brown sugar cookie recipe.

Black Walnut and Date Pudding Cake

Better Homes and Gardens

This fruit-and-nut cake makes its own sauce right in the pan.

Chocolate-Kissed Date Puffs

Better Homes and Gardens

These little chocolate pastries are nice to serve when entertaining.

Apricot Date Loaves with Rosemary

Better Homes and Gardens

You wouldn't guess the herb rosemary would taste so good in a quick bread.

Meringue-Topped Fruit Tarts

Better Homes and Gardens

These dainty tarts are filled with dried dates and apricots, topped with meringue, baked, and served warm or well-chilled.

Sticky Buns

Better Homes and Gardens

Apple-Date Cake

Diabetic Living

Dates, apples, pecans and seasonal spices give this low-sugar treat crave-worthy flavors.

Sour Cream-Walnut Date Bundt Cake with Tangerine Glaze

Midwest Living

This fruit and nut filled dessert is easy to make because it uses a yellow cake mix.

Orange-Date Pumpkin Bread

Better Homes and Gardens

Serve this spiced holiday bread with reduced-fat cream cheese flavored with a little grated orange peel. Ideal for the diabetic diet.

Date-Nut Cake With Coconut Frosting

Family Circle

Baked in loaf pans, this moist cake, with its broiled coconut topping, makes a tasty gift for coworkers and neighbors.

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