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Blueberry muffins and pancakes immediately come to mind when pondering delicious, fresh blueberries, but they can star in other recipes, too, such as Blueberry Citrus Cake, Pear and Blueberry Crisp, and Blueberry Fizz.

Blueberry Pound Cake

Better Homes and Gardens

Ideal for summer entertaining, this easy dessert recipe makes 10 to 12 servings.

Blueberry-Brie Quesadillas

Better Homes and Gardens

These cheese and fruit triangles would make an indulgent breakfast or luscious dessert.

Lemon-Meringue Beehives

Better Homes and Gardens

Your kids can help fill the cooled meringues with a little lemon curd and berries.

Berry Gratin

Better Homes and Gardens

Fresh berries get a sweet orange-flavored topping in this light baked dessert recipe.

Total: 30 mins

Berry Flag Tart

Better Homes and Gardens

Think of this patriotic berry tart as a more showy take on a lattice-topped berry pie.

Blueberry-Lemon Shortcakes

Better Homes and Gardens

Strawberries shouldn't get to have all the fun! Sandwich blueberries and a homemade honey-yogurt cream inside flaky oat shortcakes.

Berries Romanoff

Better Homes and Gardens

You can make the sauce ahead and chill it until ready to serve over the fresh fruit.

Uncovered Blueberry Pie

Better Homes and Gardens

Looking for a fast dessert that showcases a summer fruit? This one-crust, no-bake blueberry pie can be ready for the table in less than an hour.

Banana Breakfast Sundaes

Better Homes and Gardens

Who can pass up chocolate for breakfast? If blueberries aren't one of your favorite fruits, substitute another fruit.

Total: 15 mins

Blueberry-Cherry Buckle

Family Circle

This buckle, named for the crumbly (or buckling) streusel topping, has a layer of fresh fruit peeking out of the middle of the cake batter.

Blueberry Fizz

Better Homes and Gardens

This easy to make flavored drink includes fresh blueberries--just right for summer parties.

Oatmeal-Blueberry Muffins

Better Homes and Gardens

Oats add heart healthy soluble fiber to these blueberry muffins.

The Blues Salad

Better Homes and Gardens

This heart-healthy salad has walnuts, a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, and blueberries, which are rich in antioxidants.

Total: 20 mins
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