Avocado is a surprisingly versatile fruit. You'll find out for yourself when trying recipes such as Greek Quinoa and Avocados, Shrimp Avocado Hoakies, Chicken with Lime and Avocado Salsa, or Avocado with Prosciutto.

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    Avocados Articles
    Avocado Crostini: Like Guacamole, Only Better!
    ... Avocado Crostini. With Cinco de Mayo just around the corner, I thought this recipe would be an interesting... favorite meal, Chicken Chilaquiles. My hunches were correct. The star of this recipe is the avocado... challenging myself with the next 32! Get the full recipe for Avocado Crostini here!... read more...
    Simple Dinner Solution: Avocado Basil Pasta
    ... of overflowing with produce. This is a good problem to have, and it lead me directly to this recipe for Avocado... such as bacon, avocado, and pasta, and is definitely a go-to for busy weekday dinners. Click here for our... avocado basil pasta recipe I picked a bunch of basil from our garden and assembled the rest... read more...
    10 Great Avocado Recipes -- You Bet, Super Bowl Guacamole!
    ...Isn't there something about a big game this weekend -- something where a couple of avocado... -- and I'll just take it to this corner over here where no one can see me polish it off. Avocados... are the ice cream of vegetables. Well, actually fruits, but I refuse to think of an avocado as a fruit. They... read more...
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    Portobello Fajitas
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    Kiddie Cobb
    by Parents
    Classic Chopped Salad
    by Better Homes and Gardens
    Greek Quinoa and Avocado Salad
    by Better Homes and Gardens
    All-Wrapped-Up Salad
    by Heart-Healthy Living
    Breakfast Migas
    by Better Homes and Gardens
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