Swiss Desserts

Desserts in Switzerland all start, as they should, with local chocolate. Whether it's served simply with nibbles of raisins and nuts, or melted into fondue, chocolate makes every Swiss dessert rich and memorable.

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Gianduja Tart with Chocolate-Cookie Crust

Food & Wine

Gianduja, the supersilky Swiss mix of chocolate and hazelnuts, is a darling of pastry chefs, who love its rich, deep flavor. Tiffany MacIsaac melts bars of gianduja in warm cream to create a luscious filling for this tart, crusted with crushed chocolate cookies, and topped with crunchy toasted hazelnuts.

Total: 1 hr 20 mins


Better Homes and Gardens

In Switzerland, baking cookies from dough made with honey makes for chewier cookies that using sugar alone. Thoroughly mix the well-spiced dough until it forms a ball and is no longer crumbly. Leckerli (LEH-kehr-lee) are traditionally pressed in molds; in this recipe the dough is cut in strips.

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A Little Chocolate Love for Valentine's Day

You may have heard: Valentine's Day is tomorrow, and, while it's nice to be reminded of those declarations of love and that other romantic stuff, let's be real: It's really all about the chocolate. Chocolate hearts, chocolate salted caramels, chocolate-covered strawberries. Heck, dip a stick in chocolate and we'd probably give it a taste.

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