Spanish Sangria

Festive and delicious, sangria combines wine with fresh fruits for a refreshing complement to any Spanish meal. White wine usually forms the base of sangria, but this Spanish blend can be based in red wine as well.

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Sparkling White Sangria

Family Circle

Calvados, an apple brandy, and white wine add some spirit to this fruit punch.

Cherry-Berry Sangria

Family Circle

Cherry Sangria

Better Homes and Gardens

Brighten up a bold bottle of red wine by mixing it with cherries, orange liqueur and fruit juice.

Sangria-Style Cooler

Diabetic Living
Total: 15 mins

Strawberry Sangria

Better Homes and Gardens

Sweet strawberries are the star here, permeating every sip of this enticing sangria. Choose brightly-colored, plump berries that still have their green caps attached. Store in the refrigerator (preferably in a single layer) in a moisture proof container in the refrigerator for 2-3 days.

White Wine Sangria

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Total: 2 hrs 15 mins


Better Homes and Gardens

This wine-based punch, originally served in Spain, has been a hit in America for decades since it pairs so nicely with dinner or dessert.

Apple-Cinnamon Winter Sangria

Better Homes and Gardens

Serve apple-cinnamon winter sangria at dinner parties throughout the holiday season for a simple, tasty cocktail.

Fruity Sangria

Better Homes and Gardens

Carbonated water gives this favorite summer beverage its sparkle. You can substitute nonalcoholic wine for the white wine.

Total: 15 mins

Mock Sangria

Better Homes and Gardens

When entertaining guests at a summer cookout, start off the festivities with this low-calorie three-fruit beverage served over ice. It's perfect for diabetics.

Total: 15 mins

Blackberry Sangria

Better Homes and Gardens

This bright sangria recipe, sweetened with a summer-ripe blackberry syrup, will inspire guests to linger for just one more glass.

Sangria Sparkler


Using light orange juice cuts the calories in this summer fruit and wine drink.

White Sangria Punch

Better Homes and Gardens

Filled with fresh fruit, this wine drink can double as a beverage and an appetizer.

White Sangria


OK, so it's kind of a contradiction for a sangria, which is named for its blood-red color, to be made with white wine, but once you've tasted this festive thirst quencher it won't matter a bit. Pieces of mixed summer melons are the perfect match for a crisp Sauvignon Blanc.

Total: 30 mins

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